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The Potemkin has been sent to Maldron III near Romulan space, where an anomalous subspace signature had been detected by Federation listening posts. Theorizing that it was a Romulan colonization attempt, or a downed Romulan ship, Starfleet dispatched the 'Tem to investigate.

Orbiting the planet at yellow alert, initial scans showed rudimentary signs of civilization, but no significant power outputs or weapons. However, a signal from the service was detected. When patched through the speakers, a voice (cloaked in a familiar accent) asked for the "Rihannsu Empire" to respond. The message repeated with the "Witenagemot" requesting the "Rihannsu Empire" to please contact them.

Captain Mitchell made contact, with the "Witenagemot" asking if he was a representative of the Rihannsu, as they were expecting a man by the name of Rardak. They were speaking of "danegeld," which Lt. Ryan pointed out was the ancient term used for tribute that British paid to Danish vikings. The speaker from the service identified himself as Æthelred the Sixth, King of the Maldronans. It was quickly pointed out by Ryan and Ensign Trafalgar that "witenagemot" was ancient British for "wise ol' men" and that Æthelred was an ancient British name. Apparently, the 'Tem was dealing with the Romulans extorting from a civilization with a parallel development to Earth.

Warp was initially wary to help the king on grounds of the prime directive, but he soon realized that the Romulans have polluted the culture already and damage control was necessary. Taking Arnet, Fuller, Ryan, Jordan, and Ensign Michael (the newest engineering officer), Warp beamed down to the surface. The coordinates were along the river "Tamese" in "New London." Greeted by Æthelred and his knights, they learned that for six years now the "Rihannsu" had extorted livestock, crops, and gold/silver from the Maldronans. Jordan and Arnet questioned why the Romulans would stoop to taking such petty items, but could not find a suitable explanation.

Meanwhile, in space, another ship was detected approached the system. Commander Prax ordered it to be hailed, but no response was recieved. Eventually it was shown to be a Romulan Warbird flying uncloaked in Federation space. It hailed Maldron III, with someone calling himself "Centurion Rardak" requesting to speak with the Maldron Centre. Interestingly enough, the warbird seemed to just be ignoring the 'Tem! On the surface, King Æthelred made a mystifying statement as he announced that Alfred (known on Earth as Alfred the Great, first King of England) had only died 324 years before hand. He is then informed that the Rihannsu have returned and that he must respond immediately. Almost on cue, a golden transporter effect occurred on the banks of "New London" and revealed the Rihannsu for who they really were.....

FERENGI? Topside, the Warbird appearance suddenly dropped, revealing a smaller Ferengi marauder retrofitted with holo-emitters. On the ground, Daimon Nor introduces himself, stating that he had destroyed the Potemkin and that he would raze New London for King Æthelred plotting with the Federation. A brief firefight ensued, with the away team taking out Nor's lieutenants, despite a few hits by Ferengi power whips. Nor, enraged by his failure, rushed at Æthelred with his whipped. However, he took no more than five steps before Ensign Michael felled him with a deft shot of a phaser.

With his bullying days finished, and Prax seizing the holo-emitters from his ship, Nor's extortion days were over. Warp then turned to the question of only 300 years passing since the days of King Alfred. It was then that Æthelred explained that his ancestors had suddenly, after a long sleep, found themselves in this strange new land, and had began the settlement of New London. In essence, this was no case of parallel development, but these were actual Britains from Earth. However, Æthelred and his men decided to remain in their new land instead of traveling back to Earth.

With good deeds done for the day, the away team transported back to the 'Tem...

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