A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Condition Yellow

After a shakedown cruise, the Potemkin had returned to Starbase 22 for final provisioning before heading back to active duty. The ship had performed well and looked to be in tip top shape. As the sim opened everyone was at their posts and the 'Tem was preparing to slip silently into space once again.

After checking the status from all the department heads, Captain Mitchell was about to give the all clear to head out when a transmission came in from the starbase. The Andorian security officer, Cmdr Thelas ordered the Potemkin to hold their departure. Warp objected, but he was struck down by Admiral Sorin himself who stated that there was a credible source who described a terrorist attack against the 'Tem. Despite not receiving full details, the Captain ordered that all moorings and umbilicals be reattached, and all airlocks and transporters shut down.

Teams were assigned to check for any possible sabotage. Lt. Fuller would lead one team to check for anything out of the ordinary, while Arkin and Arnet scanned for any unusual life signs, while LtCmdr Bom was to check out any anomalous energy signatures and go through all the bio gel packs on the ship.

Things did not look to encouraging. The bio sweeps across all 15 decks revealed the exact number of crewman expected, and that the results matched their last physicals. Fuller's team only found one hatch left open --by a very scared Ensign Potter. Bom's and Michael's analysis of the ship's systems didn't yield anything either. Suddenly Warp had an idea that there was one place they weren't looking: the outer hull. Quickly Prax was dispatched to inspect the outside of the ship and Bom assigned Michael to accompany him.

Meanwhile, the searches still were coming up empty handed. Unexpectedly, the starbase hailed again and Sorin unceremoniously told Captain Mitchell that the threat was over and the Potemkin was to head out immediately. He refused to talk sources or divulge any details...but he did say that he had not cleared this with the security chief. After the Admiral closed the channel, it was decided that something wasn't right. The only reason that someone would want the 'Tem to leave immediately is because the saboteur was on the starbase and did not want to go up when the ship did. Something was definitely rotten in the starbase...

However, there was no time to think about this recent turn of events. An alert sounded informing them that the airlock on deck 12 had been opened without authorization. Warp ordered Fuller's team to that deck and warned Prax that he might have company out on the hull. The team found that someone had left through the airlock, as the outer door was open, but then inner part was sealed. As they investigated, another alarm went off telling of a malfunction in the starboard landing strut actuator.

Warp was able to deduce the commonality between the two alarms: Deck 12 houses the Secondary SIF generator, while the tertiary generator was on Deck 14, near the forward landing strut housing -- adjoining to the starboard housing. He immediately alerted Prax to head toward Deck 15. Prax and Michael followed the captain's injunction only to find that that starboard landing strut had been pried slightly open. Then their eyes fell on a strange figure in a space suit near their position.

The figure raised his arms, along with a phaser rifle. Prax and Michael reacted quickly and hit the figure on heavy stun, a pair of magnetic boots keeping his unconscious form stuck to the hull. Capturing their would be assailant and bringing him into the airlock, the crew was astonished to find that the saboteur was none other than Admiral Sorin! Doctor Arnet demanded that he be brought to sickbay immediately.

Michael, still out on the hull, found something interesting: A subspace transmitter wired into the dedicated structural integrity field bus interface. In short, the receiver that would have blown up the ship. In sickbay, at nearly the same time, yet another twist was added: Admiral Sorin (or at least this impostor of him) was a Romulan!

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