A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


After helping cure the crew of the SS Pollox, the Potemkin was sent to the Lantu sector to continue its scientific duties. The 'Tem finally arrive at its destination after a few weeks of travel. Warp ordered an initial battery of sensor readings and for the ship to steadily go forward until something interesting came along. Ryan was also asked to scan for an EM emissions, to track down possible civilizations.

Ryan's scans didn't take long, he quickly found an organized pattern at a high subspace frequency. The scans were transferred to Arkin, who pinpointed them to a location some two light years away. The science officer also said that the readings looked artificial, but no trace of any machinery. The 'Tem continued toward the signal, with most of the crew enjoying the relatively relaxed pace of the day.

Things quickly turned strange, however, when all the consoles suddenly went dark and the ship went to red alert immediately. The consoles all over the ship began flashing one single simple - the Greek symbol Omega. The consoles soon went dark again, but left Warp shaken. He quickly retreated into his ready room where, after a query to the computer, he was told that the "Omega Directive" was in effect and that all other directives were rescinded. He acknowledge and had the computer restore full functionality to the ship. Next, he came back on the bridge and had Ryan set a course toward the source of the readings at warp 9.

Orders were also given to the engineers to make the ship ready for some subspace chop, and also to configure the engines to power down in such an eventuality. Warp then stole away to his living room again. The needed preparations were made, but Arnet turned the bridge over to Arkin in order to talk with the captain. The bridge began to vibrate, slightly at first but later growing, and dropped out of warp per the captain's order. At the same time, Warp ordered the ship to go to .9c on sublight engines and warned the crew of relativistic effects.

Arnet was still waiting patiently in Warp's ready room for an answer to come. Warp had a few more orders to give, including having the engineers erect a level 10 containment field around the warp core using special subspace algorithms. Finally, the captain explained that there were special protocols that had to be followed when a "Omega Directive" was determined. He couldn't explain more because Arkin called in to state that an unknown craft was detected near the source of the readings.

The vessel turned out to be a Romulan D'Deridex vessel, but it was dead and had no life signs. Warp had the 'Tem rush by, and asked Melina to map the subspace distortions in the area. Her map showed that subspace was torn so immensely that both warp and subspace communications were impossible. Arkin also added that the center seemed so small that it could not be physically detected, but had enough power to jump start a stellar fusion reaction. Warp absorbed all this and then asked Arnet to read a specific padd in his ready room.

With precious little information, Warp asked Arkin to find a way to destroy the cause of the phenomenon, which he dubbed the "Omega Particle." Weapons were out of the question, any type of explosion would rip subspace for a hundred light years all around. Krump made an analogy and Arkin determined that a specific gravitation charge could neutralize the particular. Arkin, Hara, and Micheal were assigned to format a torpedo to emit the right charge. The three went at it with gusto; Hara even made a suggestion about how certain gravimetric waves could also repair the subspace ruptures around the Omega particle.

The torpedo ready, they hastened back to the bridge to inform Warp. He ordered the warp core shut down and everyone to hang on to something. The torpedo was launched, and slid silently through the void toward "Omega." There was a bright flash, followed by a large blue shock wave that rocked the ship and threw the crew about. Melina was knocked unconscious, but she was the only serious injury. Scans by Arkin revealed that the particle had been neutralized and subspace was repaired. Unfortunately, due to the effects of traveling at .9c, the 'Tem now found itself three months off of Federation time beacons! Of course, after saving hundreds of light years of space, a little wasted time wasn't quite so bad.

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