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Cautious Homecoming, Part II

The crew continued to enjoy their shore leave as the Potemkin. They were spread over various placed, both on ship and planet side. However, things became a little more dicey when all their commbadges began to simultaneously activate and inform them that they had to report to the 'Tem for debriefing. On the ship, klaxons sounded across the corridors alerting senior staff to report to the junior officer's mess on deck 7, forward.

Arkin and Uatu were the first to arrive, and they found the mess shuffled about to make an impromptu hearing room. As others arrived, they began to question what exactly was going on and who wanted them in this room. Arnet and Warp arrived just after the answer to the latter question - a man dressed in a 24th century business suit with a sharp looking beard, and appeared more than a little like Arnet. Upon being questioned by Warp, he introduced himself as Joseph Cornell, an adjunct to the Federation Security Council.

Cornell had Warp called the crew to attention and announced that he was sent by the Security Council to look in the strange events surrounding the latest incidents with the crew. Admiral Anderson appeared, via viewscreen, to request that the crew cooperate and get the investigation over with as soon as possible. Grudgingly, the crew obliged and were even joined by Prax - also called to the hearing. In fact, Cornell asked Prax to take the stand first. There was an intense line of question regarding the loss of the Navarre and Prax's "heaven" experience. It soon became apparent that Cornell harbored a very ill-hidden dislike of the crew.

Arkin was next on the stand. Cornell grilled her mercilessly about what happened during Rin's tampering with the time line and how she had seized the ship. Cornell's temper was not helped any by Arkin's belligerent attitude toward his questioning. The room became very heated as the two active participants sparred, and the crew grew outraged at the spiteful tone Cornell was using. Warp finally intervened and asked that some private interviews should be conducted instead of open hearings.

Cornell agreed, but noted that this was not the end by a long shot. At this, another officer stepped into the room. Cornell introduced the female Trill wearing lieutenant pips as First Lieutenants Aren Remal. She had been assigned as liaison to the Potemkin and would be helping with the rounds of interviews and reports. The crew was less than thrilled with her presence, but they gave her a wary "hello". Cornell eventually left the ship, and Warp dismissed the crew. However, shore leave was canceled and everyone was to remain on board for the time being. A whole new era of woes was on the horizon...

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