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Cautious Homecoming, Part I

After suddenly arriving in Earth's orbit, the Potemkin was ordered to a Station McKinley drydock. Officially it was a "post war inspection" and dry dock was chosen because the spaceport was full. All in all, it didn't matter. This time only meant one thing: shore leave.

Once all the moorings were in place, the crew filtered out to various activities. Warp asked Arnet to accompany him on a short jaunt to the desert of Arizona -- otherwise known as home. Doctor Krump (after detesting the idea of no rain) decided to take some time to rest. Counselor Jordan decided to exercise by running circles around Deck 5, while the rest went to their quarters to decide what to do next.

Soon everyone found a small niche. Lt. Ryan decided to visit Alex and gain perspective as to whether he should continue in Starfleet. After a talk with Michael, Lieutenant Uatu ran into Jordan, to whom he confided a twinge of loneliness. Michael, after leaving engineering and Uatu, quickly found Ensign Melina and set up some time together down on the surface. Meanwhile, just as Warp and Arnet were about to enter the transporter room, a familiar face beamed up. Bom was able to get away from the Starfleet Core of Engineers and he was looking toward spending time with a certain someone.

The transporter room was a flurry of activity. Nguyen, who was in rare form, snapped off comments as people descended one by one. Ryan was beamed down to Wellington. Warp had Arnet and himself beamed to specific coordinates east of Phoenix, Arizona. Michael and Melina found a delightful spot for an outing in Paris, France. Hara had himself set down in Tokyo, Japan.

Bom and Jordan eventually found each other and "rekindled" their relationship. Uatu eventually ran into Arkin and they decided to head down to San Francisco together. Arkin introduced the Deltan to horseback riding and discussed setting into the routine of the Potemkin. Michael and Melina shared a a romantic moment around Paris. Hara quickly involved himself in some old business that quickly turned into a police affair. Meanwhile, Warp showed Arnet the house where he grew up in.

Homecoming indeed...

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