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Awakening From the Dark

After the end of Romulan hostilities, the Potemkin and most of the Federation fleet had regrouped to Starbase 22. The crew was promised some much need shore leave and everyone was looking forward to the end of all hostilities. As the sim opened, The Potemkin was sliding toward a berth especially reserved for it at the base.

The starbase was abuzz with activity as personnel and equipment were being ferried and transported to and from the base. The 'Tem was given a coveted docking berth and Warp ordered Ryan to take the ship in manually. After several moments, there was a final whirl of machinery and the ship was successfully docked. Warp announced to all that shore leave had been granted.

The crew started to make various plans for their recently granted time. Arkin, still smarting over the recent transfer of her fiancee, parted company with Ensign Amad and headed to her quarters. Bom and Jordan decided to come together for a romantic get together, while Ryan and Fuller thought of recreating an air battle in the holodeck. Warp, rather cryptically, asked Arnet to come to his ready room to discuss something urgent. And during all the hustle and bustle, a mysterious Deltan with Lieutentant pips slowly made his way on board and toward the bridge...

On their way out, Bom and Jordan stopped by to check up on Arkin. She was understandably upset, and the pair did their best to comfort her and invite her to join in their fun. It took some doing, eventually she agreed to tag along. Tora and Micheal bumped into each other and were discussing their various romantic interests, while Ryan helped Fuller and his feelings about Andronicus leaving with the children. By now Arnet had joined Warp, who seemed oddly speechless about something. But before he could spit it out, they were interrupted by the Deltan. He introduced himself as Lieutenant Uatu and that he was under the impression that he was to be the next XO of the Potemkin. Warp stated that there was a mix up somewhere, and that Uatu was to be in engineering. The Deltan left, just a bit disappointed, and Warp decided to contact Sorin to find out how Uatu could have gotten such an idea.

Things were progressing for the various people on shore leave. Fuller and Ryan set up their holodeck program for the RAF and changed into their period uniforms. The threesome of Jordan, Bom, and Arkin ran into the nervous Uatu and awkward introductions were arranged. Warp had a curt conversation with Sorin, who had naturally assumed that Uatu would be the best candidate to replace Prax as the 'Tem XO. Warp surprised everyone went he said that he had a better choice - Arnet!

Sorin expressed disapproval in Warp's choice, the the Captain was adamant. It took some convincing, to both Sorin and Arnet, but it was finally settled. Arnet was now the acting XO of the Potemkin. The two friends then proposed a toast to a brand new future. Elsewhere, Jordan and Bom's romantic evening had turned into a massive gathering as more and more crew members gathered in the hallway. Eventually they all set off for the starbase together, ready for shore leave to begin.

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