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Wise Blood, Part 2

The Potemkin was taking quite a beating during the Battle of Qo'nos. The combined Romulan and Cardassian fleets were pummeling the allied Klingon-Federation force trying to protect the planet. A hole ripped into the Potemkin by a Romulan plasma weapon reminiscent of the 23rd Century was still warm around the edges as the sim opened. Medical emergencies were everywhere, and the ground combat was about to commence.

Right before the first assault teams beamed down, a communiqué was received from Admiral Sorin ordering the Akira fleet not to send troops down to the surface. Instead, the Potemkin and the other ships of the task force were to provide air support for the massive ground battle that had just begun outside of the capital city.

The Havoc and the Thunderbolt were immediately dispatched towards the surface to participate in that mission. Joining them was the Huang Ho, the Potemkin's runabout. Unfortunately, before they could proceed very far into the atmosphere, the Havoc took serious damage and was forced to return to the Potemkin, leaving the Thunderbolt and the Huang Ho on their own.

Meanwhile, aboard the Potemkin, the crew was able to get the shields back up. The ship continued to rock as medical emergencies were tended to in Engineering. A plasma coolant leak caused the warp core to begin to overheat and the computer announced an imminent warp core breach. With most of the key engineering staff wounded or occupied elsewhere, the crisis threatened to destroy the ship.

The warp core ejection systems failed to function and the blast doors began to close. Several stranded engineers were rescued just before they slammed shut, and others suffered serious injuries while trying to seal the plasma coolant leak. Finally, thanks to medical improvisation, the engineering staff was able to halt the overload and repair the coolant leak mere seconds before an explosion would have torn the ship apart.

In the skies over Qo'nos, the Thunderbolt and the Huang Ho assaulted the enemy lines while trying to avoid enemy fighters and shuttlecraft dispatched to shoot them down. During a particularly fierce fight, a disabled Romulan fighter collided with the Thunderbolt and sent it into an uncontrolled spin, causing it to crash on the surface. The Huang Ho completed a rescue operation with its transporters just as Romulan forces closed in for a kill. The Huang Ho was forced to return to the ship.

A D'Deridex-class Romulan Warbird caused more trouble for the Potemkin in orbit, knocking out the partially-repaired shields around decks ten and eleven. Several Romulan soldiers beamed into the ravaged Main Engineering compartment and started a firefight with disruptors. More reinforcements were beamed aboard, but they were held off through some daring attacks and creative diversions. Eventually the Romulans were killed and the shields were restored. Everyone who had participated in the firefight in engineering beamed to sickbay.

While in sickbay, a check on the battle situation revealed a haunting, yet inspiring comm message from Chancellor Martok filtered through the sound system. "Warriors of the Empire, this is Martok. Many thousands have died honorably defending everything we hold to be important, but the Romulans know no honor. veng wa'DIch has fallen, but we will not be defeated! We will regroup and continue this fight until the Romulan Senate is overrun and its chambers filled with the blood of our enemies!"

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