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Wise Blood, Part 1

The Potemkin hung on the edge of Klingon space with nine other Akira-class vessels, waiting for the order to proceed into battle and bring the Federation into the war between the Klingons and the combined Romulan-Cardassian powers. Tense minutes passed with no word aside from a failed attempt to rouse morale by Admiral Sorin over subspace. Then, a communiqué was received. It was time to go. According to the fleet's orders, all ships were to proceed to Qo'nos immediately and enter the war on the side of the Klingons. With all ambiguity resolved, the Akira task force leapt across the border and to the aid of the Klingon Empire.

The battle over Qo'nos was massive, with entire Klingon fleets tangling with Cardassian and Romulan cruisers for control of the planet. The Federation forces immediately entered the fray and started drawing the fire of the enemy despite the fact that there were at least one hundred vessels threatening to attack. The Potemkin began to take a pounding.

As the battle unfolded, the Potemkin launched its two Starfleet fighters, the Havoc and the Thunderbolt. They immediately cruised out into the midst of the battle and joined other Starfleet attack craft in assaulting enemy starships. Meanwhile, the Potemkin's shields were battered by quantum torpedoes and disruptor blasts, knocking them down to almost nothing. Klingon vessels ranging from Vor'cha-class dreadnoughts to outdated K'Tinga-class battle cruisers went up in flames around the ship as another wave of enemy assault ravaged the fleets.

While the Havoc and the Thunderbolt served their namesakes well, the Potemkin's situation became more dire. Suddenly, a sight that brought fear into the eyes of starship commanders hundreds of years earlier filled the viewscreen: a Romulan plasma weapon had been discharged, and the menacing ball was aimed right at the Potemkin.

The shields were knocked out instantly when the ball of plasma hit the ship. The crew was knocked from their feet shortly afterwards by another plasma hit along the drive section. Sounds of tearing metal and explosions filled engineering and a hole was ripped through the side of the ship. Main and Upper Engineering were exposed to the cold vacuum of space.

Forcefields rose after what seemed like an eternal second, but several engineers had already been pulled out into the dark void. The lucky ones who were caught by the forcefield fell to the deckplates hard, and injured.

Just when it seemed as though things could not get much worse, the comm system crackled to life. Chancellor Martok's voice filled the bridge. "To all Klingon vessels.... fall back! FALL BACK! We're dispatcing ground forces. StarFleet forces, if you have warriors.... now is the time to send them! The Romulans may have laid waste to our ships.... but it will be a dark day in Sto'vo'kor if we let Qo'nos fall!" The crew prepared for a ground assault.

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