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What Is And Should Never Be, Part 2

Turbulence rocked the Potemkin again last week. As the crew settled in for a bumpy ride, something unexpected happened -- the entire bridge crew found themselves in a world subtly different, where their friends and colleagues were ever so slightly changed, and no one could quite find a reason why...

A day has passed since the unexplained event and mysterious changes. The Potemkin is entering orbit of Neria, a planet that the displaced crewmembers know was destroyed months ago by an act of Wotal terrorism.

While orbiting Neria, the displaced crew began trying to communicate in order to determine what happened and what to do next. It was clear that the much hardened Warp, Arnet, and CPO Rocci would be unreceptive to their explanations at the moment, but there was a chance they would listen later. Bom asked everyone to act normally and find out what they could before making any rash actions.

The ship's mission was to negotiate with the Wotal for control of this sector. Just as Warp was requesting Jordan's opinions, a vessel was spotted on sensors - the infamous Captain Rin had arrived to negotiate. However, just as he arrived Arkin spotted a chroniton disturbance beneath the planet's surface. No one on the bridge would listen, so she sent her findings to Bom, Cortan, and Xan in engineering for them to look out. Rocci became suspicious of Arkin's actions and use a convenient excuse to gain a look at her console.

Rin demanded that Warp surrender this sector, despite the fact that the 'Tem had come to negotiate. Warp muted the channeled and requested opinions from the crew. Rin became angry and demanded that Warp unmute the channel and continue talking. The captain did so...and cut the channel a few seconds later. Rin responded typically, by firing pot shots on the 'Tem.

Another chroniton surge was picked up by sensors, but there was no time to consider exactly what that meant. Roccie and Arnet were barking orders for everyone to be at their post and do their job. Warp began a dangerous game of chicken, plotting not to return phaser fire but use a wide spread volley that would take out Rin's weapons, engines, and primary power. He waited until the shields had dropped down to 44% before returning fire. The ploy worked, Rin was disable and contacted the 'Tem.

The Wotal captain finally agreed to a face to face meeting on the planet. He gave a five minutes to meet the Federation away team. Warp, Arkin, Jordan, Bom, Cortan, Hara, and Xan assembled in Transporter Room 2. Just as Arkin was leaving, yet another chronoton surge occurred on sensors. Warp made sure everyone was armed before beam down. However, as the transporter activated, a vast chroniton spike occured. The beam was redirected somehow and the crew arrived not on the surface, but in a dark cave.

The chroniton emissions made it impossible to contact the ship. While exploring, the crew came across something most unexpected - an Iconian gateway deep under the Nerian surface. The crew excitedly looked on this as a chance to get home. Warp was confused by their reactions and they tried to explain that they were from a different reality. He seemed not to understand what they were getting out and thought they were stalling the negotiations. Irrationally, he pulled his phaser on them and demanded that they end this "mutiny." Not being able to reason with him, Arkin shot him on stun so they could get to work.

They decided that the initial energy wave of a star going nova must have interacted with residual chroniton particles to cause the intial shift. Bom and Arkin quickly decided on a plan to create yet another burst of energy to try another jump - this time back to where they came from. Phasers, tricorders, a portable difibulator - everything that had a power cell was assembled into one giant energy unit. However, as everything was getting ready, Warp woke up prematurely. He broke free from Hara, but was sedated by Cortan. He still managed to make it to the portal before the drugs took effect. The alternate Warp stumbled through the portal and vanished...

With no time to consider where he went, the crew set off their "energy bomb." A huge flash went off and they went flying through the portal...Only to arrive in the middle of a bustling Neria city. A man, Hano, told them the stardate (which was correct) and welcomed them to Neria. The crew was ushered to the Prime Minister of Neria, who seemed confused how they got there - as there were no Starfleet ships around. However, he was soon told that the Potemkin had arrived. They also seemed confused, claiming that Neria had just suddenly appeared after being destroyed months earlier. It appears that the crew had not only gotten back themselves - they had saved an entire planet in the process.

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