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What Is And Should Never Be, Part 1

The Potemkin is out on patrol along the First Federation border, a day and a half has passed sinced the accident that had caused so much damage to the ship (TEM: Accidental Promotions). The mission is one of exploration, to develop more accurate star maps for that particular region of space. Systems and sensors are once again up and operational.

Most of the crew, minus the engineers and Cortan, were on the bridge, a bit relieved that their luck seemed to have returned at last. Prax and Arnet became involved a little exchange, while Cortan and Bom introduced the newest engineer, Ensign Zurec, to life aboard the Potemkin. Out of nowhere, the ship shuddered.

Everyone, with yesterday's events still on their mind, got straight to work. Neither the ship's computer nor the engineers could pinpoint the exact cause of the vibrations. Cortan was called to the bridge to make sure all emergency medical gear was in order for what could be another crisis, and Bom and Zurec were also summoned to search avenue of investigation for an explination. In the midst of the turmoil a hail was recieved from the starship Magnus, which had detected a large shockwave in the area of a nearby star.

The ship was put on red alert as the crew frantically tried to pinpoint the causes of the ship. Warp called Prax into the ready room, leaving Arkin in command. The vibrations became more frequent and pronounced, throwing the crew around. In the ready room, Prax and Warp were deeply concerned about the occurences in this sector over the last few years. Some of the evidence pointed to the Wotal, and their sabatoge of Neria. Back on the bridge, with the ship bucking wildly, Arkin asked Dr. Arnet to call Prax and Warp back onto the bridge. He disappeared into the ready room.

Suddenly, the most violent shockwave hit, the bridge went black and the crew felt the ship careerring out of control. Everyone felt a wave of cold wash over them. Lights slowly returned to full power, but immedietly several discrepancies were noted. Captain Mitchell is seated once again in his command chair, with Arnet (now dressed in a red uniform with the pips of a commander) sitting in the XO chair. Ensign Duran is at the helm and Chief Rocci is over at the engineering station.

The crew is naturally disoriented and demands an explination from Warp. To their surprise, Warp demands an explination from them and asks what they are talking about-especially to their references to Prax. Arnet, seemingly impossibly anger, yells at them to resume their duties. Both Warp and Arnet seem to not know Counselor Jordan and question her identity and how she got on ship. Bom is in for a shock when Chief Rocci claims that he is the Chief Engineer of the Potemkin. Eventually Arnet orders all the engineers and Cortan off the bridge, upset at what he considers their unusual behavior. Before going they learn two important facts: Apparently Prax is dead and Cortan is Chief Medical Officer.

The non-bridge officers head down to engineering, surprisingly confused at the whole scenario. They are surprised when Lt. O'Donnel crawled out of a Jeffries tube, apparently just as disoriented as they are. With no idea what happened or what was happening now. They even consider gasing the bridge and taking over the ship. Meanwhile, up on the bridge, Chief Rocci becomes suspicious of Arkin and some intraship transmission (scans of Warp and Arnet, and the Warp's ready room) that she had sent to engineering

As confusing as all get out, the sim came to a quick end...but what is going on with the Potemkin now?

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