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Tomorrow, Too Late

This sim showed was the end of a brilliant plot arc devised by Prax that started with "In the Line of Duty, Part I." The Potemkin had just recently returned from it jaunt 20 years in the future (TEM: "Here Comes Tomorrow, Hic Cras Venit, naDev gHos wa'les) and was now heading to Zeta Sigma III where they had left Dr. Arnet three weeks earlier (TEM: In the Line of Duty).

The sim started off with the ship coming up onto Zeta Sigma III. Everyone was in high spirits, and anxious to be done with the future they had witnessed. Most of the crew was ready to retrieve their doctor from his exile and head off into space again. However, at the same moment, Lt. Cortan was resigning himself to obtaining a needed permission from his commander officers-he wanted to change departments. Meanwhile Lt. Bom and that brunette were idly tinkering in engineering, trying to keep the ship in good condition.

The ship arrived around Zeta Sigma III and it was decided that only Warp and Prax would beam down, just to expedite the whole affair. Commander Arkin was put in charge of the ship in their absence. As the two head down to the planet's surface, Cortan reenters Engineering and Bom immedietly recognized a different tone to him, even though the former was hesitant to say anything.

Ensign Xan detected highly unusual readings from the planet's nearby moon, with turned out to be more of a trapped asteroid than anything. It was decided to bring the 'Tem closer inorder to get a better look at the moon. Bom was still unsuccesful to find out what was bugging Cortan so they changed the subject to the engineering again. Planetside Warp and Prax found Arnet and Danielle Beorning in a bit of a debate about their futures. Arnet greeted his former comrades warmly, expressing his relief that they hadn't died, as he had earlier been informed.

Out of the blue, a thruster misfired, sending the Potemkin veering off course. Panic gripped the helmsman as he saw that the thruster control was locked open. The bridge tries firing the other thruster, but only succeeds in sending the ship into a slow spin. Even worse, the helm controls stopped responding all of the engines went cold. The computer calculated the ship's path and determined that unless something was done, it would crash into the moon.

Bom, Cortan, and that brunette racked their brains for options. The idea was toyed with to emit something from the deflector dish, and that would act as a crude form of propulsion. It was further decided that if what they emitted was explosive, it would be able to throw the 'Tem out of the collision course with the moon. Bom and that brunette began to form the procedure while Cortan went to deck 8 in an attempt to fix the malfunctioning thruster.

Down on Zeta Sigma III, after intial greetings, Warp handed a padd over to Arnet. It contained the antidote that they had recieved in the future from Captain Arnet. Excited beyond all reason, Arnet rushed off to begin work immedietly. Dani led Warp and Prax to the small settelment in search of him.

For a solution for their crisis, it was decided to rig two torpedoes to impact the moon's surface and release a controlled explosion of the gases trapped under the surface. One of the torpedoes would carry compressed oxygen, in order to give the flames enough fuel to burn well. The crew just has to wait for the perfect moment to fire the torpedoes off in order to ensure their success...

Warp, Prax, and Dani find Arnet workly feverishly in his private lab, trying to synthesize the antidote. Like always, he was so caught up in his work that he didn't seem to even notice them.

The 'Tem fired both torpedoes. At first there was no visible effect, but suddenly there was a flash of light that blinded everyone momentarily. As it faded they saw that the explosion had actually destroyed the entire asteroid, and that it only now existed as a large grouing of small boulders. With that problem over with, the engineers concentrated on getting the engines back online (which seemed to happen almost miraculously) and the bridge crew turned their attention of heading back into orbit in order to beam the away team back up.

Arnet finished synthesizing all that he needed and then, without hesitation, administers it to himself. With the virus cured, and the 'Tem back in orbit, the four last people of Zeta Sigma III leave there permanetly...

So ends the "Tomorrow" saga...

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