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Titan, Today

The Potemkin has now spent a month in the Andromeda Galaxy, after the destruction of their only means home by the Borg at the battle of Traigar. Since then the ship had been limping home at Warp 7 with giant holes in her side and missing her bridge module (much to the chagrin of the Chief Engineer). Once again, it seems that they will never make it home...or would some force a fate once again make the trip a whole lot quicker?

The sim opened with the crew going round about their business. Lt. Hara was finally reinstated after being releived a duty by Captain Mitchell earlier (TEM: "Do No Forsake Me, Oh My Darling, Part I). Lt. Bom asked to meet Counselor Jordan to discuss certain feelings he had been experiencing recently, and the rest carried on the best they could. About this time Cmdr. Prax spotted a small system to stop at in order to rest and make some more repairs to the ship.

Suddenly, a what appears to be a giant hand, appears in the middle of space and latches on to the saucer section of the ship. It went right through shields and seemed to be inpervious to sensors. While trying contemplate this newest mystery, a hail was received--in a language soon identified as ancient Greek! The UT was able to begin decyphering the message, when the image of a tall, olive skinned, dark hair man appearred on the view screen. He called himself Hyperion, and asked if the 'Tem had come out this far to "take the Titans home."

Without any real explination, the whole crew was whisked down to the surface of a nearby paradaisical planet, along with some female engineers such as Serisa and Andrea O'Donnell. They were greeted by Hyperion. Medical scans showed that he seemed all the human that he looked, but had some sort of "extra" organ that could not be identified. Hyperion made his wish know--he wanted to see his family again on the other side of the "Hecatonchires" (known to the lowely mortals as the Galatic Barrier) to see his family again. Unbeknowst to most of the crew, this Hyperion was actually from a race encountered before by the Enterprise under the command of Captain Kirk (TOS: Who Mourns For Adonis?).

With so many doubts and questions coming from the crew, Hyperion decided to retire...but took all the women with him. They appeared in a temple in revealing Greek outfits, with Hyperion commanding him to attend to him. With a snap of his finger they are made to do his bidding. The men were left wondering where everyone had gone, and while searching and shouting for Hyperion to end his games, they too were suddenly changed into the roles of Greek soldiers. And a whole phalanx of enemies were marching directly toward them...

Arkin managed to cloak herself and Xan, and snuck away, leaving the other women to the whims of Hyperion (who seemed to have taken a particular interest in Jordan). Fortunately, he returned the men's uniforms and the opposing army had vanished. Hyperion brought the crew back together, apologizing for the dispaly of power, but that he only wants passage off the planet and back to "Olympus." At same time, Xan and Arkin managed to find Hyperion's power source and destroyed it...but the would be Titan seemed not to notice. Returning all the women's uniforms (save Jordan's) he once again asked for passage on the 'Tem; stating that he could get the vessel home. He just needed the ship to go through the barrier or "Hecatonchires." Meanwhile, Jordan enjoyed her moment in the sun as "goddess" to Hyperion's "god."

The crew seemed utterly distrustful and confused at the requests and activities of the day, so Hyperion brought it to the simpelest level. Turning to Reichiel, who had barely spoken this whole time, he gave the choice up to him. Could he have passage or not? With the spot light turned on him, the helmsman asked a few question to ascertain the being's motives. Finally, finding no malice there, he agreed to the passage.

The whole crew once again found themselves on the Potemkin, and moving away at speeds exceeding warp 9.99. They reach the Galactic Barrier, and are able to safely cross it back to their home galaxy. In gratitude, Hyperion walked up to Jordan and whispered to her gently. Then, bidding a fond farewell, he disappeared. Right afterward, the crew was shocked to discover that the 'Tem had been completely repaird, complete with a new permanent bridge module! Jordan had wished for her "god" to restore the ship to normal.

With that, Warp asked the crew to move from the auxillary bridge to the main one....

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