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The Horror, Part 2

This week's sim picked up right where the last left off: the two away teams led by Commander Arkin and Commander Prax were in the hands of ruthless native Vulcans and Romulans, repectively. Both teams were disarmed of their possesions by their captures.

Arkin's team was horrified to watch the carelessness of the killing (from the end of "The Horror") and then, in a naseating display, the natives ate their murdered kinsman. The away team was shuffled off to a nearby "prision" and forced to wait while a celebration was commenced around a bonfire. The mad scientist, Surtok, watched the whole thing with disinterest. Inside their cell, Arkin, Arnet, and Xan discussed their alternatives and possible ways of finishing their mission without causing too much damage.

Their escape plans were hampered a bit by a lone figure sneeking into the hut under a crumbling wall. The being turned out to be Surtok himself, but seemingly in a weaker alter ego. Only shards of his former self remained. A few attempts to reach him were successful, but he slipped back out before any real progress could be made. However, seizing on the possible escape route, Arkin camaflouged, slipped out, and was able to retrieve the away teams belongings. Then all together, they escaped and made their way to find Surtok and bring him home.

At the same time, Commander Prax's team was taken hostage by Romulans and led to a brig in the downed Breen ship. The crew was defiant at first, but after Lt. Hara was stunned by a Romulan disruptor, they grudgingly excepted defeat. However, the Romulan leader, Subcommander Dokar, took Prax back outside the ship to discuss the current situation. It soon becomes apparent that the Romulans had been cut off from Romulus for some time and are not up to date with current events. All in all, Dokar is distrusting of Prax and his claims of new peace procedures, until Lt. Cortan was able to correctly name the current Praetor, and thus verifying Prax's story. Dokar, who's ship was incapacitated by the Breen weapon upon arrival, cuts a deal with Prax: He'll let the away team go--if they will escort the Romulans back to the Alpha Quadrant. The deal was made.

During all this, the other members in the brig of the Breen vessel had been attempting several different escape measures. Lt. Hara and Cortan tried to fake a fight, and Lt. Reichiel tries talking with the guard, Skeron. However, Cortan and Hara manage to anger the guard enough by throwring torn bulk head covers into the forcefield. Skeron is quickly over powered by the three officers--just when Dokar orders the guard to release them. With a bit of earned respect for each other, all four head to meet up with Dokar and Prax.

At the same time, the away team under Arkin finds themselves at the back of the crowd of the celebration when another proto-Vulcan steps forward and challenges Surtok to direct combat, claiming that Surtok "the new-comer" has perverted the tribal ways. The away team agrees that Surtok should fight, albeit their are conflicting views on his mental and physical conditions. Without thinking too clearly, just wanting to snap Surtok out of it, Arnet rushed into the crowd to physically break up the fight. He was detained by several members of the crowd, but is able to connect with Surtok. Unfortunately, the Vulcan decides to continue on with the combat, despite all protests.

Commander Prax ran into the other members of the away team, a bit displeased with their escape during Prax's time with Dokar. However, there is an urgency to get to the Potemkin, as its orbit is decaying rapidly. Deciding to discuss the crew's action at a later time, the Starfleet officers and the Romulans gather together on the transporter pad and prepare to beam back to the 'Tem. The transporter intializes...but only beams up the Romulans!

The challenger readies his axe, while Surtok does the same. The Vulcan scientist believes that this course is the best for all and wants to proceed with the challenge. However, Arkin, deciding that enough is enough, fires on both with her phaser. The two are partially stunned and the crowd scatters away. However, the challenger, Nirin, recovers quickly and moves to land the death blow on Surtok. Arnet is restrained from helping and watches helplessly and Nirin prepares to kill Surtok...

Prax's away team materializes on the bridge, to find the 'Tem dipped towards the planet, ready to enter the atmosphere. Prax, Cortan, Hara, and Reichiel jump into action, trying to save their ship from certain doom. The Romulans look on, a bit confused by the situation. With moments left to go, main power is miraculously restored, and the crew is able to stablize the ship's orbit.

Suddenly, Nirin throws down his axe and demostrates what Surtok had originally sought to find--compassion and nobility. He orders the away team to take the insane Surtok back to his own tribe and to never return. Only too glad to do so, the away team contacts the ship and finally beams back aboard.

The Horror has ended.

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