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The Calm After the Storm, Part 2

The Potemkin still sat docked at Starbase 22 ungoing significant repairs. The gaping hole left in engineering had been pseudo-repaired and engineers were now working around the clock to get the ship spaceworthy once more.

Ensign Androniucs and Lt. Fuller were both assigned to deal with the wrecked fighter Havoc, which would need a good deal of repair. They were surprised by a brief cameo of Captain Mitchell, who dropped by to deliver some news. The USS Thunderchild, who also participated in the battle over Qo'nos, had managed to salvage the wrecked Thunderbolt, the fighter that went down with Fuller inside of it. In far worse condition than the Havoc, Warp assigned both to work on repairing the 'Bolt and leave the other fighter for later. The Captain then left for main enginnering, but suggested that Lt. Tora stop by to help with repairs.

During this time in engineering, Cmdr. Prax had decided to lend a hand to Bom and his staff. However, it soon became aparnent that bigger problems were present besides the gaping holes that had been blown in the ship. Certain command subroutines and lines of code appeared to be missing from the primary computer core. Warp (who had shown up in engineering after leaving the hanger bay) and Arkin decided to switch to the secondary core while Prax and Bom went to seek out the actual problem. The switch went off successfully, but Prax and Bom were forced to lower themselves upside down in order to track the problem within the core itself. It turned out to be a massive cascade failure that had to be repaired manualy.

At the same time, Counselor Jordan had finally convinced Dr. Arnet to come in for a session while he was not busy. After a frustrating begining, she finally managed to get him to the tell the truth about his past (sort of). However, he abruptly cut off the session and their relationship dissolved back into the argumentative one that had prevailed since the two had first met.

Next week? Who knows, but "something wicked this way comes!"

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