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Sculpted Chrome, Part 5

With Warp's trial already underway, and with the crew unable to watch the proceeding, attention has been focussed onto the two pieces of hard evidence presented them--the Section 31 operative and the wreckage of his craft (formerly known as the 'ghost ship').

In sickbay, Dr. Arnet and Counselor Jordan were assigned the task of interrogating their guest, who unceremoniously tried killing himself a few hours before hand. Jordan was able to surprise Arnet, and the operative, by using her limited telepathic abilities. However, after the first few attempts, a decision was reached to administer a few drugs to make the subject more pliable. With Jordan still probing into his mind, all she comes away with is that he is nervous about them searching his craft. And from what she can tell, it has something to do with Romulans...

Meanwhile, the salvage operation goes on in the cargo bay, as the crew hunts for anything that could be used as evidence. FstLt Katie Kelson also beamed in, stating that the trial was at a brief recess and that she was trying to find some evidence herself. Just then, Lt. Hara and Lt. Xan came upon an unusual discover. Some unknown device that somehow escaped the whole ordeal unscathed. Alarmingly, the device is identified as Romulan. Lt. Stone was called in to see if he knew the purpose of the small device, but he could not tell them anything useful. However, the moment he touched it, the device began to glow and a high pitched whining started up...

Back in sickbay, the operative continued to think about his ship and the Romulans, and was not forthcoming with any new information. More drugs were added and, after much stalling, the operative finally gave up a name--Richard Holmann. With a bit more work, they are able to pick out the strong feeling that Section 31 had some need for Warp, but with such incomplete evidence, it was hard to determine what exactly they needed him for.

The strange Romulan device took on a reddish hue as the whine increased in pitch. Realizing a little too late what was happening, the device was dropped and the crew scrambled for cover. A loud explosion rocked the cargo bay. In the aftermath, a full scale search was initiated in order to locate any other possible devices like that one hidden about the ship; especially in places where Captain Mitchell has been. On a hunch by Cmdr. Arkin, Lt. Xan scanned the bridge, and found one in the ceiling above the Captain's chair, right it could have emitted the strange blue light that started this whole affair.

Richard Holmann would relinquish many more details. In the short bursts of truth, Jordan determined that he was still worried about his ship and the Romulans, but also at the presence of Ms. Kelson. She could graps that Section 31 had tried to keep her way from Warp and the proceedings. Deciding that the proceedings were too slow, Jordan grabbed a a laser scapel and threatened to slowly dismember Holmann if he wouldn't be more forthcoming. Suddenly, Ms. Kelson (prompted on by Jordan) comes to a startling conclusion, but leaves the room before she revealed it to anyone.

On the bridge, the crew analyzes the device from afar. During their studies they come to the conclusion that the device was some sort of particle emitter, patched into the internal sensors. Realzing what this could mean for Warp's trial, Arkin beamed herself and the device over to confer with Lt. Kelson.

And in sickbay, Richard Holmann decided that he had nothing left to live for and died, despite Arnet's attempts to save him. At the same time Jordan was still connected to him and empathically felt him expire, leaving her drained and tired.

One last scene was yet to play out. The crew was invited to the last session of Warp's trial. Unexeptedly, Kelson launched a new prospective: Warp did not do any genetic tampering. The James Mitchell standing in the court room was a product of genetic tampering by his dead predecessor. Therefore, he couldn't be punished just because he came into being as a tampered computer copy. After a moment of decision, the judge finally awared that Kelson's view was correct, and that the perpetrator had actually been dead for year. The case was dismissed. Captain James B. "Warp" Mitchell was reinstated as commanding officer of the USS Potemkin.

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