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Sculpted Chrome, Part 4

After the events of last sim, the crew slowly realizes that they have a very real threat to Warp on board: an operative for Section 31.

Down in the lower decks still searching for the intruder, Lt. Bom, Lt. Hara, and (the new christened!) Lt. Zurec believe they have tracked him down to behind a certain bulkhead. Of course, that is until the sound of a bomb in countdown reaches their ears. With the team ducking for cover, the bulkhead blows, revealing a circular hole cut directly into the Potemkin's hull. Even more ominous, the ghost ship from before is found to be docked there, before taking off into space.

Up on the bridge, Lt. Kelson and Cmdr. Prax continue to have their personal throwdowns, but both rush down after word of the explosion reaches their ears. While examining the hole, the discover that it's just the right size for a Federation docking clamp. There are charred biological remains, but they are discovered to be fakes, just to throw off the trail.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Arkin and Lt. Stone, on the bridge, give chase after the ghost ship. It slipped off their sensors for a bit, only to appear back in a suicide run toward the 'Tem. Through some careful manuevaring and some play with the tractor beam, they managed to capture the small craft. The pilot however, has a different idea and throws his engines to the max in an effort to either escape or die trying.

The counseling session between Jordan and Arnet continued, with Jordan slowly chipping away at Arnet's stubborn exterior. In the end, the good doctor agreed that he would come back for more counseling, and the counselor discovering exactly how much of a twisted path she has started on...

The Potemkin is forced to relinquish control of the small ship in order to keep it from exploding. However, the damage is too extensive and it's only through a miracle that the ship's pilot materializes in transporter room 2. The crew immediately rushed to the transporter room to face the spy. However, he is in condition to talk (despite Prax's efforts to wake him immedietly). Finally, it's decided that he must be taken to sickbay for treatment and that it will be some time before they could get the answers they seek. At least one Bajoran commander is not too pleased with the idea of sitting and waiting...

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