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Sculpted Chrome, Part 3

As the sim opened, the Potemkin was docked at Starbase 23. Captain Mitchell had disembarked to be held until a hearing could be convened. The ship is astounded at the turn of events, and the mysterious sensor malfunctions that still plague the crew at all times.

In engineering, an alert sounded as another sensor ghost stated that the starboard nacelle was about to explode, despite that it was powered down for the time being. This is the latest in a long series of malfunctions, and Lt. Bom and Lt. Zurec are trying to think of possible causes. Since they are docked at a Starbase, Bom decided that at the next sensor ghost they would shut down all relays too and from the area just to see if they could trap whatever was producing the false alarms. Systematically they began shutting down all the major redundant pathways.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Cmdr. Prax and Lt. Kelson (who reveals that she is actually JAG, and will be acting as Warp's representation.) seemed to be in the midst of a confrontation, with Prax telling her that she has been officially removed from the 'Tem's crew manifest and should not even be on the bridge. Kelson, stormed off into the captain's ready room, only to return moments later with a scrap of paper with the characters "31" scribbled on it in Warp's handwriting. With an ominous feeling, Prax called Arkin and Kelson back into the ready room to talk in private.

With the pathways shut down, the two engineers next tried to flush out the problem by running a full sensor sweep of the ship, to pick out any and all anomalies. After only a few moments, an anomaly was identified and the Bom had the area quickly shut off. More thorough scans showed a heat signature...like that of a warm blooded humanoid. An intruder alert is immedietly called for, as all personell are accounted for.

In the ready room, Arkin, Prax, and Kelson comb all the facts trying to make sense of the situation. It's suggested that the tampering must have occured in that time between Warp's "death" and his mysterious resurrection. Prax, hoping to find out more about Warp before his death, turned to the only source he could...Warp's old best friend and former Potemkin engineeer Frank Hernandez. The memories that Frank shares are a far cry from the Warp that the crew knows...a Human/El Aurian/Vulcan mix with multi-hued eyes and telpathic powers. Combined with other odd facts such as the use of a VISOR, the three of them begin to realize what exactly had happened to the Captain.

During all this time, Dr. Arnet and Counselor Jordan had gotten into their normal head butting, but finally Arnet (mostly out of frustration) agreed to a session with Jordan. Although their two personalities continued to clash for most of the time, something of an understanding was finally reached.

With the intruder alert in full affect, the two engineers and Lt. Hara (who joined them on deck 8) were sent on a chase through the bowels of the ship searching for the intruder. However, when they are about to reach him, all communications are cut off, both on and off the ship. Soon afterward, they come back up, only to have the internal sensors drop offline. Hara zeroed in on where the intruder had been located...only to find another scrap of paper with one word on it: SECTION.

In other words: "The Plot Thickens."

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