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Sculpted Chrome, Part 2

The crew remained in shock at the sudden confinement of Captain Mitchell to his quarters over his confession to genetic engineering. Commander Prax had assumed command of the Potemkin with orders to carry Warp to Starbase 23 for a further investigation. However, a short stop had been planned for the planet Rann where the 'Tem was to pick up some unspecified cargo.

Although a bit shellshocked at recent events, the crew was solidly behind Warp (with limited exceptions) and sought some explanation for this newest puzzle. Shore leave was recommened at the Starbase 23 for the crew in order to recouperate from the latest events (TEM: "Fire's Blessing," "Fire's Curse").

As the ship moved into an orbit around Rann, chimes went off as the "ghost ship" from a week before suddenly appeared on sensors. The crew, instantly interested, tried to move closer to investigate, but immediately a hail came in from the planet's surface. Suddenly the ship disappeared, leaving the Potemkin with only someone impatiently trying to contact them.

The hail comes from a hooded figure who urgently requests to be beam aboard. Those who have been on board longer than others instantly recognized her voice...Lt. Katie Kelson, former Potemkin officer, and romantic interest of Captain Mitchell. She comes aboard and instantly heads toward the bridge (much to befuddlement on the security officers). Once there she makes a shocking claim: SHE is the cargo to be picked up and she has come to stop of a conspiracy that would result in Warp being thrown out of Starfleet.

Through this all the "ghost" ship has peeked out from behind the planet, as if spying on the proceedings. While the confusion over Ms. Kelson was proceeding, the ship actually came within transporter range, but suddenly shimmered and faded away, like a mirage...

Lt. Kelson, being eerily mysterious told Prax that she had to see Warp and the ship had to keep a course to Starbase 23. Reluctantly, Prax gave her permission to retrieve the captain. The reunion between the pair was strained, as it became evident that someone or some agency was working against Warp. Meanwhile, down in Engineering, rumors of their own began to spread. On the bridge, the crew began to find that the ghost ship was only a projection of some sort, and that another hampering of the computer system has been done.

Needing the crew's support, Lt. Kelson had Warp brought to the bridge so they could discuss their next steps. After establishing that yet another incident of computer tampering has occured, the small nucleus of officers began to think of possible suspects. Commander Prax threw out one idea (backed by Counselor Jordan) almost too incredible to consider--Doctor Arnet.

As the sim closed, the top level officers moved off into the ready room to discuss their next move...

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