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Sculpted Chrome, Part 1

The Potemkin found itself leading the fleet of Federation ships toward a rendovous point at the planet Boreleias after the battle of Klach D'Kel Brach and the loss of the USS Amsterdam at the hands of the Wotal (TEM: "Fire's Curse, Part II). The crew remained on alert, but edgy.

Out of nowhere, a small craft appeared on sensors on an intercept course for the Potemkin. It was closing in fast, but sensors couldn't get an accurate reading on it. Captain Mitchell initially feared it to be Wotal, but Cmdr. Arkin found no existing record of that type of craft in the database. Before anymore determinations could be made, some sort of bright blue light illuminated the bridge momentarily. Then it, and the sensor image of the ship disappeared from view.

No explination could be found for the strange events, despite best efforts. Captain Mitchell soon became agitated, and looking pale, sweaty, and weak. He became unresponsive to questions and enraged for no apparent reason. To compound the mystery, the ship reappeared on sensors, but over 1 light year way; an almost impossible distance in so short of time. Just as things on the bridge were becoming increasingly chaotic, Warp unexpectedly slumped over in his chair unconscious.

Dr. Arnet was summoned to the bridge immedietly, where he summissed that Warp wasn't unconcious, but in some sort of REM sleep. Warp eventually regained consciousness, but could not remember anything unusual about the time from the blue light until his collasped. Under duress from Arnet, he agreed to a medical examination in his ready room.

Meanwhile, the bridge officers focussed on finding the cause of the blue light and what effects is may have had on Warp. Arkin ordered full diagnostics on the sensors and sweeps for any subspace anomalies, but none could be found. However, Lt. O'Donnell did find something odd. There was a timestamp on the sensors that didn't match up exactly. Someone had tampered with the sensors, and then, 30 seconds later, had covered his tracks. However, when they tried to trace the source of the tampering, the computer began spitting out over 100 sites all over the ship! Apparently, whoever had tampered with the sensors was extremely good at what they did.

Meanwhile, Arnet's scan of Warp turned up something just a bit odd. He requested a blood sample immedietly. Simply rambling off something about Warp's genes, he took a sample and rushed out of the room to the life science station. After a few moments of comparing the new samples with some old ones, he made an astounding declaration--somebody had somehow managed to tamper with Warp's genetic code; it had become "skewed" somehow recently.

The biggest surprise was yet to come, when Warp announced that he was aware of the condition. He then submitted himself into Arkin's custody for violation of Federation laws. Captain Mitchell was guilty of...genetic engineering.

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