A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Picking Up The Pieces

The ship is slowly getting underway after our calamitous encounters with nature's fury during last week's sim. About three hours have passed since power returned. Initial damage reports missed several key problems: main sensor power couplings were blown during the accident, and sickbay mysteriously remains without power after hours of work by engineers to try to turn the lights back on. With a schedule to keep, the crew must make repairs while en route to the ship's next destination far out on the Federation's Beta Quadrant frontier.

Warp and Arkin were in sensor control, trying to restore access to the outside universe, while Bom, Cortan, and Arnet were fixing sickbay and its occupants. Prax was recovering in surgery from injuries sustained in last week's sim. Bom and Cortan were trying to restore power to the medical instruments and biobeds. At first, it appeared that they were successful...then the lights faded out and smoke starting coming from behind a panel. It seems a plasma fire had started and the automatic fire supression systems were not working. Fortunately Cortan had a fire extinguisher handy; unfortunately it made a melted goo out of the biogel packs.

Warp and Arkin were hard at work to restore sensors. They were having a hard time and were distracted by Prax's on going condition. They passed time theorizing about what may have occured. They ruled out a weapon, and decided that must have been a natural occurance. Arnet contacted them to report on Prax, but also to bug Warp about "You Know Who." Arkin couldn't find out anything more about this mystery person from Warp, who evaded the subject. Eventually they were able to get the sensors up and going.

Eventually the crew gathered into sickbay - Bom had Duran run up some ODN cables to splice, Arnet to treat the wounded, Cortan and Hara to assist, and Warp and Arkin to check on the progress. Power and light levels rose, but promtply fell again. While the engineers went back to work, Arnet led Warp and Arkin toward the back of sickbay to check on Prax. His condition was stable, and the three had a discussion about what was next. As if by miracle, power was finally restored to sickbay.

Meanwhile, Cortan decided to show off his newest (modified) EMH. Unfortunately, this blew out the holoemitter and the resulting sparks burned his hands. Work continued - Bom, Duran, Hara on sickbay, and Arnet on Cortan. Duran put in a new holoemitter and Cortan's EMH finally was activated. Unfortunately, it seemed to have problems from the start and when finally shut down...caused a shower of sparks and sickbay to go black once again!

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