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naDev gHos wa'les!

Last sim kicked off right after the end of "Hic Cras Venit!" The Potemkin and the Atropos had been fired on by four Romulan warbirds that had recently decloaked. Two of the invading vessels were destroyed by two Klingon vessels that came to the rescue.

The sim kicked off with the Klingons fighting off the remaining two Warbirds, the lead ship identifying itself as the IKS Cho's, doing most of the attacking. Before many more shots can be fired, the two warbirds speed off and cloak. The two Federation vessels confirm that neither is significantly damaged and that everything is still in working order. Rokan hails both ships, stating that he is heading off for a bit to investigate something. He promises to return shortly.

General Slor, the captain of the Cho' hails the Potemkin to introduce himself and find out more about the out dated vessel next to the Atropos. Captain Mitchell is at first unwilling to let out the details about the Potemkin temporal displacement. However, General Slor reveals that he had met a Captain Warp and a Commander Prax almost twenty years before hand. Stating that he has been apprised by the Atropos of the whole situation, he asked to be brought on board. However, before full plans can be made, Rokan's ship appears again with some news...

Meanwhile the two engineers, Lt. Cortan and Lt. Bom, had returned to engineering to work on getting the Potemkin ready for the ride home. After a slight run in with that brunette, Cortan decides on a devious plan...hack into the Atropos and get a look at the technical developments of the last twenty years. However, there efforts are in vain and they are unable to hack into the information, despited Lt. Cortan's masterful computer skills.

Captain Arnet, longing to be on his old ship again, beamed over to help in anyway possible. Finding the whole bridge crew distracted in various takes of preparation, he headed down to the only place that he ever felt at home: the Potemkin's sickbay. He was pleasantly surprised to find Lt. Hawk there, recovering from a collapsed lung from the initial displacement earlier (TEM: "Here Comes Tomorrow!"). Hawk was shocked to say the least by the sight of the older Arnet, but they didn't have much time to discuss as Captain Mitchell summoned Arnet back to the bridge.

Rokan had returned saying that the Romulans had amassed a 10 vessel fleet that was in route to come and destroy the Potemkin. Fortunately a suitable star was found so that the Potemkin could use the sling shot manuover and be sent back to her proper time. General Slor agreed to help defend the Potemkin during the attempt. Captain Arnet and Lt. Hawk appeared on the bridge and were quickly brought up to date. Arnet was prolonging the good bye, almost unwilling to give up the Potemkin again. He gave one last parting gift: the data on the cure that he found for himself to get him off of Zeta Sigma III along with the charge to rescue him as soon as they arrived back in their own time. He then transferred back onto the bridge of the Atropos.

The whole crew sprang into action as Bom and Cortan conferred with Commander Arkin about the slingshot they were about to perform. Precise calculations had to be made in order to survive the maneuver and arrive back where they had left. Everything was in the final stages when long range sensors picked up something ominous...10 Warbirds on an intercept course.

The Atropos and the Cho' positioned themselves between the incoming Romulans and the Potemkin, hoping to buy time for the crew to change history. With two minutes before they could initiate warp drive, the engineers were working as hard as possible to keep the ship together and make sure that it would endure the trip back into time.

As the moment to jump readily approaches, all are caught off guard by a sudden explosion behind them. Sadly to everyone aboard, it is all too clear that the ship was the Atropos. The Tom Arnet they had met had been just killed.

With no time to mourn, the Potemkin latches onto the star's gravity and starts to accelerate to higher speeds. Unfortunately, a Warbird flies in and positions itself right in the Potemkin's path. It looks like the two ships will collided at high warp, but in the last second Rokan flies his warbird straight into the other one, clearly the way for the temporally displaced Akira-class to reached the neccesary velocity.

There is a blinding light and suddenly the ship comes to a lurching halt. The crew slowly recovers only to find yet ANOTHER warbird sitting in front of them. It hails, and the viewscreen reveals....Rokan! Only, younger and VERY confused. He states that the Potemkin had been missing and presumably lost with all hands 3 weeks earlier. His vessel was asked to help with the aftermath of the whole Nerian affair and they were just in route back to Romulan territory when the Potemkin appeared out of thin air.

All he can say is that in a few hours it will be 2381 and WELCOME HOME!

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