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Lights, Camera, Potemkin, Part 3!


Teaser: The big moment had finally arrived. The long promised season end press conference was being held, and the crew were forced to take center stage for it. They waited nervously in the wings while Torias and Ted looked on suspiciously. Hyrum appeared later to give some encouragement, and finally Jim (with Betsy the Beagle) introduced the crew to the waiting press and invited them onstage...

Act I: Understandably nervous, the crew took the stage and did their best to play along with the situation. Several questions were asked by a nearly packed press room, including some personal ones for the crew. In the middle of the various questions being flung their way, they began to notice something strange. In the back of the room, many people were still filing in...incluiding the alien species first scouted out by Reichiel and Stone as being the ones who attacked the 'Tem during the "season finale" (TEM: "Lights, Camera, Potemkin!" -Act II).

Throwing caution to the wind, Warp ordered Stone, Reichiel, and Fuller to investigate. Of course ordering people (who are considered actors) to do such a thing in the middle of a press conference is highly unusual, and the move elicited looks of shocks from the assembled crowd. Hyrum and Jim both tried to intervene, but the rest of the crew followed Warp's lead and pressed to get answered to what was really happening.

The aliens, not to fond of the advancing crewmembers, drew out phasers and fired--first up in the air, but then seeing that it didn't deter the crew, at various people gathering round. The room was in chaos, and the aliens took out several reporters. By this time most of the crew had hopped off the stage and were advancing on their mysterious foe. Then, suddenly, one turned and fired almost point blank at Arkin!

<<::cues dramatic commercial music:: And now, a sneak peak at the next season of Star Trek: Potemkin! ::various clips flash over the screen from up coming episodes:: Star Trek: Potemkin...Thursdays at 10 pm EST>>

Act II: The phaser beam fired straight at Arkin seemed to go right through her, and hit a reporter standing behind her. To the crew, this unusual event told them one thing--holodeck safeties! Only confirming their theory that none of this was real, they pressed for more answers. Finally, Hyrum called out for the program to end, and the crew found themselve in the familiar holodeck of the Potemkin. The real Dr. Arnet and FstLt. Bom were brought also, from another holodeck where they were experiencing a similiar illusion.

Hyrum, or more correctly HIRAM (TEM: "Home Soil"), then explained that he had only wanted to join the crew. Having basically downloaded himself into Warp's tricorder months eariler he had sinced lived in the holodeck learning about the crew from the various programs they had run. He took the indirect approach of creating the fanatasy out of fear that the crew would try to kill him once more. He also seemed to have developed a bit of an adolescent crush on Arkin, the only one that had showed any remorse over his supposed destruction on Archana V. However, this explination did nothing to alleviate harsh feelings.

Only after promising to provide a means to leave the holodeck, would HIRAM relinquish computer control. Finally he stored himself away, and left the crew to the task of regaining control of the ship and heading home once more....

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