A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Lights, Camera, Potemkin, Part 2!

ACT II Teaser: Still stranded in the bizarre world where they are the actors in a holo-show about their own lives, the crew desperately tries to gather information about their new setting and how to get back to their reality...if that reality is even real in the first place! Warp handed out assignments to the crew. Reichiel and Stone were to scout the area, Jordan and Arkin were to talk to "Torias" and "Hyrum" (respectively), and Fuller, Prax, and Warp were to come up with a plan.

Scene 1: Jordan approached Torias (the Trill "playing Arnet) while Arkin tried her hand at getting information out from Hyrum (or HIRAM as he appeared to be). Luck was not forthcoming. Hyrum seemed to be perfectly in alignment with this universe, even knowing personal information like Arkin's favorite drink. Torias also natural, pointing out inconsistancies between Jen Hunt and Rachel Jordan. Arkin did manage to find out, however, that in this "universe" her planet was well known and populated. A coincidence? Meanwhile Reichiel and Stone discovered a small shuttle landing pad not far from the studio. On a hunch, they decided to investigate. Amazingly enough, they soon spotted a small shuttle landing that matched almost perfectly the ship that had attacked the Potemkin before this whole fiasco even started! They managed to sneak aboard, but were soon caught by one of the hostile aliens. However, the alien soon fled the scene after a certain slip of the tongue... <>

Scene 2: Arkin managed to get Hyrum to take a walk with her, while Jordan convinced Torias to do the same. Meanwhile, Fuller had rounded up "Ted Knight" (the human actor playing Bom) who was soon being grilled for information by Prax and Warp. Reichiel and Stone returned from their scouting to report their findings. A full "crew" meeting was called and Arkin and Jordan managed to give their significant others the slip in order to join in. The small core gathered in Warp's "trailor" to discuss their discoveries. However, as Arkin shared her report about a lack of success with Hyrum, Warp and Prax could only admit the same about Ted. Only Stone and Reiciel had any major news, and it was fairly disturbing. They had to plot their next move about what to do about their attackers who were apparently here in this reality with them. The odd behavior of the others had attracted Ted's attention, and he now decided to easedrop and find out what these "secret meetings" were about. He was caught in these activities by Torias, but the Trill's interest was also piqued and he also listened in. What they heard disturbed them. Had the entire crew gone crazy? Just as that moment, the crew was once again contacted to be reminded of the all important press conference to be held in a a few short hours...

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