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Lights, Camera, Potemkin!, Part 1

ACT I Teaser: This sim began in a most atypical fashion: the ship is under attack. A previously unknown alien ship dropped out of warp and began firing on the Potemkin. Their weaponry was advanced and were rapidly causing the shields to fail. All weapons seemed next to useless next to their shielding technology. The crew could only watch as it teetered on the verge of annihilation. Finally, the shields failed entirely and before anyone could get to the life boat, the two torpedoes coursed their way straight for the 'Tem's hull...

Scene 1: There was no impact. Everything suddenly went dark. After a moment of groping around, the whole bridge seemed to split apart, revealing...a sound stage? What happened next seemed to be like going from reality to a dream. On this sound stage was a crew working on the set of the holo-drama "Star Trek: Potemkin." The director? None other than the 'Tem's very own Jim! While the crew tried to fathom what was happening, Jim started giving notes to the crew, as if they were actors. Also startling was the fact that Bom and Arnet started acting if they WERE actors. Bom removed "make up" to reveal a human named Ted Knight, and Arnet was a Trill named Torias Olan. Yet, even stranger things were about to happen. Who should walk in then but the show's writer, Hyrum Smith, who seemed to be the hologram HIRAM encountered months before hand (TEM: "Home Soil"). It was also revealed that the actress playing Arkin was dating Hyrum, and that Jordan (or Jennifer Hunt here) had some sort of involvement with Torias (the actor playing Arnet).

Scene II: The crew managed a covert meeting in the one of their "trailers," but every theory about where they were fell short in one aspect or another. Prax (Nerin Torel) put forth the idea that maybe this WAS reality. It certainly seemed as plausible as the rest. Of course, finding out more information was the number one priority. Via computer they established that the "show" was being broad casted from Archanis V, the planet where they had originally found HIRAM. The computer listed it as a bustling center of commerce, a far cry from the deserted world they knew. Another note that sent suspisions rising was when the cast list they found. Everyone had another name...except for Arkin!

Scene III: With this new knowledge gained, plans were formed. Arkin and Jordan were to find out as much information from their "significant other" as possible, and idea that both found unpleasant. Reichiel and Stone were to scout the area, trying to learn more about their location. Ensign Fuller, Warp, and Prax would try to gather more information. Just about when the group was about to split off on their assignments, a cast extra (Chief Nguyen) knocked on the door. He reminded the whole "cast' that tomorrow is a press conference, and a REALLY big one at that!

Where is the crew? Is this really reality and they are all actors in some sort of Star Trek? Will they ever learn the truth? For the answers to these and other exciting questions, tune into "Star Trek: Potemkin" this Thursday night at the same 'Tem time, same 'Tem channel!

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