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Invisible Blood

After the rescue of the crew of the Y'breQ and the destruction of the Romulan warbird, the Potemkin proceeded to meet the Thunderchild and the Tetsuo. The crew, however, was having a bit of trouble dealing with the new guests. Ranging from troublesome patients in sickbay to an all out brawl in the cargo bay, tempers were running high.

Unexpectedly, a Romulan warbird decloaked nearby, sending everyone in a panic to their stations. However, the enemy neither had shield raised or weapons. Even more surprisingly, they hailed the 'Tem. Of course, nothing is ever what it seems and the Warbird was actually piloted by Klingons who had conquered it in battle! They were sent to pick up the survivors from the Y'breQ then continue the fight against their blood foes.

Much relieved of that burden, the 'Tem could now continue with patroling the former area of the netural zone. The ship had barely begun its duty when tachyon bursts revealed what could have been a large cloaked vessel...approaching fast! Unfortunately, the sensors weren't wrong this time and a Romulan warbird decloacked and opened fire on the trio of Akiras.

The Potemkin had barely begun to engage the enemy when another ship decloacked nearby: a Cardassian ship! As a herald of things to come, this ship soon engaged the 'Tem while the warbird kept the Thunderchild and the Tetsuo busy. The battle was intense and it was a combination of good piloting and steady shooting that finally defeated the opposing vessel. In one of the most difficult decision a ship's captain has to make, Cpt. Mitchell gave the order to destroy the Cardassian vessel.

The 'Tem rejoined the fray with the warbird, rendering it crippled. Cpt. Mitchell ordered it's weapons disabled, but to leave it well enough to retreat into Romulan space. The green ship slipped away, nothing seriously broken but its pride.

What happened next was a blur. Dr. Arnet approached Cpt. Mitchell and Cmdr. Prax, stating that they had all contacted a bad version of the Klingon flu from one of the "guests" and had to be inoculated immediately. Something about the story seemed off, but the two finally allowed Dr. Arnet to treat them. Arnet began to retreat to the turbolift when he suddenly turned about, removed a phaser from his lab coat and.... ACTION> WARP AND PRAX ARE HIT BY ARNET'S PHASER BEAM IN QUICK SUCCESSION. A BRILLIANT RED AURA SURROUNDS THEM AND THEY'RE INSTANTLY VAPORIZED IN A SEA OF FADING FIRE. ACTION> BEFORE ANYONE CAN STOP HIM, ARNET TURNS HIS HAND AROUND AND POINTS THE WEAPON AT HIMSELF. HE PRESSES THE TRIGGER AND DISAPPEARS IN AN EQUALLY HORRIFIC WAY. ACTION> THE BRIDGE FALLS INTO SILENCE AS THE ENTIRE CREW IS STUNNED. THE CAPTAIN AND FIRST OFFICER ARE GONE.....

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