A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Home Soil, Part 2

The sim picked up where "Home Soil, Part I" left off, with the crew investigating the strange behavior of the archeological team on Archana V, and Bom being "brainwashed" by the mysterious holographic figure, HIRAM.

After event with HIRAM, Lt. Cortan was dispatched to investigate on the condition of Bom, Cmdr. Prax and Ens. Reichiel were sent back up to the ship to investigate into the results of several studies, and Capt. Mitchell, Dr. Arnet, and Counselor Jordan were left to deal with the HIRAM.

Cortan found Bom (calling himself "Jerem") in the local blacksmith shop, basing in a tricorder in order to mold it. Convincing Bom/Jerem that he was from another village and that he needed a blacksmith, Cortan was able to get the Bolian to follow him and eventually be beamed up to the ship. "Jerem" didn't take too kindly to his abduction and had to be sedated. Under Arnet's orders, Cortan had him taken to sickbay in order to run a brain circutry pattern and other tests.

Planet side, the away team had to deal with a confused HIRAM, who seemed geniunely upset by the departure of the rest of the away team. Jordan and Warp tried to reason with HIRAM about the nature of his activities, but seemed unwilling or unable to respond coherently to all their questions. Worst of all, when the away team attempted to leave, HIRAM blocked all the exits with force fields, making it impossible for them to escape. The hologram then decided that the away team needed to see something to make the transition easier.

On the Potemkin, Prax and Reichiel had joined Cmder. Arkin in her examination of the archeological team's runabout, which had been left in orbit. The ship reported as normal, however there was evidence of a communication from the planet to the ship's computer. The communications had been clandestine at first, but had become evasive towards the end. Others studies showed sudden power surges when HIRAM activated and was exhurting his power.

Cortan managed to run the tests and confirmed the worst--Bom's personality had been completely obliterated. There was nothing but Jerem left. Convincing the blacksmith that he was his friend, Cortan took him to a side room to explain the situation to him, and also to relay the informatin to Arnet.

In the library, HIRAM showed what appeared to be an old degraded recording of the original inhabitants of Archana V. From what could be gathered, they had wanted thier civilization to survive, and had programmed HIRAM with all the knowledge necessary to make a successful colony again. He was programmed to wait for settlers, then transfer the information to them. Unfortunately, HIRAM had begun transferring ALL the personality of the original inhabitants, instead of just their knowlege.

With no hope of recovering Bom, Arnet (against Cortan's wishes) decided that the only real way to fix the problem would be to send Bom through the transporter and "splice" him with a saved pattern. He would have lost a few hours, but at least Bom would be back. The archeological team could be restored through a similar process, but the newest pattern they could find would be a month old.

HIRAM refused to give up his mission, despite Jordan and Warp showing him logically that he couldn't continue his activities. Severely torn between the ethics and his programming, he became irrational and violent, potentially killing Warp. With little choice, Warp ordered the Potemkin to fire on HIRAM's main computer. Cmdr. Arkin had reservations about destroying this unique hologram, but the orders were given. The ship fired the devastating shots, essentially killing HIRAM. However, the hologram managed to download all the information he carried into Warp's tricorder last minute, completing his mission. As he faded away, the hologram expressed remorse for his mistakes, but then he was gone...

With nothing left to do, the away team returned to the Potemkin.

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