A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Home Soil, Part 1

After the negotiations with the Romulans and Klingons had ended (TEM: "Bird of Paradise"), the Potemkin headed back into Federation space in order to receive its newest assignment. Starfleet chose to send it to the distant Archanan system, to make contact with a group of archeologists studying Archana V. The group has been gone a month, and Starfleet has heard nothing.

The sim opened with the vessel coming into the Archanan system, and the whole crew preparing for all the different disaster scenarios that danced in their head. Intial scans showed that the planet Archana V was slowly regrouping from a serious of ecological devastations. Curiously enough, the sensors also found an abandoned Starfleet runabout in orbit. With nothing left to go on, the teams began assembling in transporter room 1 for the official investigation. Captain Mitchell also decided to join the party, just to get a look at the archeological site there.

When they away team reached the surface, they found something totally unexpected. Instead of an archeological dig, they found a bustling little agrarian community in perfect health. Villagers were all in their daily labors, working the land. This was mysterious as all the planet's native inhabitants had died off over a century before.

Why puzzled over these developements, a man approached them. Closer views identified him as Dr. McNemar, the head archeologist of the team, but he insisted that his name was Xamphir, the village leader. After a few moments of talking, the crew quickly realized that something was terribly wrong. McNemar insisted that he had lived in the village all his life and that the entire population of the village were natives of Archana V. The crew scrambled for answers, taking samples of everything, and having Counselor Jordan take a shot at unraveling what was happening in Dr. McNemar's head. Sensing their confusion, McNemar suggested to the crew that they should all have a talk with "Hiram." He told them that Hiram was in the village library and that he might be able to handle all the questions that the crew had. Warp sent Arkin, Zurec, and Hara back to the ship in order to investigate the runabout and the samples taken from the planet in order to investigate any possible cause for the strange behavior of McNemar. The rest followed along with McNemar/Xamphir to the library. The whole way there they met various members of the archeological team, all showing the same dilusions as their leader.

After arriving at the library, McNemar excused himself, stating that he had work to finish up, but that he would join the team later. Pushing into the library, they found an outer room full of old dusty books, but nothing spectacular. With no other options, they proceeding through another set of doors into an inner chamber--only to find a completely empty circular room.

Inside, the tricorders found a strong power source eminating from somewhere behind the walls. As the team investigated, the power levels spiked up, and a lone figured appeared in the middle of the room. The figure, who appeared to be a brown haired man, introduced himself as the mysterious HIRAM: the Holographic Interface for the Repository of Archived Memory. Hiram instantly recognized the crew as from being off world, and seemed delighted at the prospect of seeing them.

Before anyone could fully get any answers from the hologram, he singled out Bom, and advanced toward him. With only a single touch, Bom became stiff and when he relaxed, Hiram addressed him as "Jerem" and told him to run along to his work. Bom replied as if he were Jerem, acting just like McNemar.

The sim ended with the crew stunned at Hiram's actions.

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