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Hic Cras Venit

The sim picked up three hours after the events of "Here Comes Tomorrow." The Romulan warbird that had decloaked alongside the Atropos was under the command of Rokan, an old ally of the Potemkin and her crew. Along with him was former counselor Jourdain Moreaux. They both had been summoned by Captain Arnet after the discovery of the temporally displaced Potemkin. At Arnet's invitation, everything gathered onto the Atropos to share a meal (Log: "Wishing Well").

Once the meal had come to an end, the natural question of what was to become of the Potemkin resurfaced, along with several other questions. Rokan took first turn of answering all the historical questions. The tale of the Romulan commander, coupled with Arnet's explinations, painted a dismal view of the future. The Romulans had gone to war with the Klingons, and, due to a treaty with the Romulans, the Federation did nothing to help. They managed to sieze one fourth of the Klingon Empire, including Qo'noS. The Klingons asked for aid, but the Federation would do nothing. Then, suddenly, the Romulans had launched an attack on Sherman's Planet, followed shortly by taking over much of the neutral zone.

By the time the Federation became involved, it was too late. The Romulan forces launched two surprise attacks on Vulcan and Andoria, capturing them both. Later came the siege of Earth, which was devistated. The Federation was forced to flee and Bajor became the new capital. Earth was made utterly desolate.

The Romulans, after the costly battle for Sol III, made an alliance with the Breen and moved towards Bajor. Captain Poe Dalin, of the USS Pegasus, organized the largest offense in Federation history. However, Captain Poe sacrificed himself to save the wormhole from the Breen. The "Prophets," the wormhole aliens, saw the sacrifice and destroyed any cloaked vessel, giving the Federation a leg to stand on.

Making alliances with the Ferengi, Klingons, and Tzenkethi, the Federation pressed on and soon was able to free Qo'noS, however with significant casualties. Finally they made a final move--on Romulus itself. The battle had the single greatest loss of life of the entire war. It was there that Rokan had first met Arnet, the two of them were beamed onto Arnet's ship, the Hippocrates, after being shot with neural toxin.

Thus was the story laid out to the crew. The reactions varied, but the prevalent emotion was disbelief in the course of events that had occured. To some, the history seemed artificial, as if it had been fabricated. To others, it was only lamentable.

But then Rokan announced his plan...to send the Potemkin back in time. He was confident that the timeline would change considerably with the Potemkin back where she belonged. However, the plan was greeted with serious doubts by Captain Arnet, who refused to go along with it. The crew, in large, however, agreed to the plan and began making prepartations. Frustrated, Arnet arranged to speak with Captain Mitchell privately.

The crew beamed back to the Potemkin to make preparations, while Arnet and Warp talked about the intended action. After a bit of debate Warp finally convinced Arnet of what they were doing, and the two transportered over to the 'Tem in order to prepare to get under way.

However, scanners picked up groups of vessels approaching fast. Before many preparations could be made, four Romulan warbirds came out of nowhere and began firing. Strangly enough, two of them seemed to be hit by phaser fire coming from nowhere and were destroyed.

Ominously, two Klingon vessels decloaked and loudly declared "Today is not a good day to die!"

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