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Here Comes Tomorrow

The cliff hanger from "Meridian," had the Potekmin vainly trying to fire up its warp engines while a shockwave from the nearby imploded Nerian star was approaching fast. Just as the engines sprang to life, the wave hit with catastrophic results.

"Here Comes Tomorrow," picked up as the the ship was being tossed about by the shockwave. Slowly the explosians stopped and the ship came to a dead halt. Most systems were down, and many of the crew injured. Captain Mitchell, Lt. Hawk, and Ensign Xan were all rendered unconcious at their posts and in want of medical attention. Lieutenants Bom and O'Donnell both survived the impact, however engineering was not so fortunate.

The first evidenat major system failure was the lack of internal communications. Engineering and Sickbay were both unable to raise the bridge. Lt. Cortan, who was in sickbay at the time, volunteered to help out the medical department and soon was on his way towards the bridge in order to help any injured crewmen there. Lt. Bom dispatched Ens.Abin-Sur to confer with the bridge and give a status report from Engineering.

Emergency power had come on, only to reveal how damaged the ship actually was. All major systems, barring life support, were non-functional for the moment. After a few moments work, the main engine core was brought back on line, taking limited power through out the ship.

After regaining all the power possible, the crew set to work on finding out where they were and on repairs. The situation seemed coming under control for the moment, until Cmdr. Arkin's sensors picked up something on the far edge of the sensor scans. After several tense minutes, it was revealed to be a ship, closing in at great speed.

The ship hailed, audio only, offering assistance and announcing itself as the USS Atropos. Nobody on board had any recollection of a ship bearing that name, althought the voice of the ship's captain expressed some familiarity and surprise at the sight of the Potemkin. Refusing to identify himself, the captain of the Atropos ordered Cmdr. Prax to have an away team ready to beam over in ten minutes time. Then the Atropos cut communications.

Commanders Prax and Arkin, along with Lieutenants Cortan and Bom, were the acting commanding officers at the time and assembled to transport over. However, right before transport, Arkin made a significant discovery. Sensors showed that all the stars around them had changed, almost as if significant amount of times had passed....

After beaming to the Atropos, the away team immedietely noticed what appeared to be advanced technology. They were formally introduced to the captain, an older man with grey hair and a slight limp. The captain also seemed to be familiar with the away team, even calling them by name. After a few moments the away team was able to recognize him, much to their surprise, as Dr. Tom Arnet, whom they had just left on Zeta Sigma III. This confirmed Arkin's findings that somehow they had been flung into the future.

The older Arnet expressed familiarity with the crew, yet he seemed distant and cryptic at the same time. He led them to the observation lounge of his ship, introducing them to a few members of his crew. After settling into the observation lounge, Captain Arnet began to take their questions, but he gave out few answers. He reported that the stardate was 77835.4, twenty years to the day that the Potemkin had been assumed lost at all hands while trying to escaped from the Nerian system.

Immedietely Arkin began to ask about how their disappearance might have affected the timeline; to which Captain Arnet could give no certain reply, but he did not seem to think that it had made much of a difference. He also put a gag order on the ship, telling them that they were NOT to communicate with anyone in this time. They were to stick to repairing the damaged Potemkin. This caused quite a stir with the crew, especially Lieutenants Bom and Cortan. While citing no definite reason for this choice, he assured them that he was doing his best in a difficult situation. Engineers and Doctors were to be sent over to help the Potemkin. Also, all information and historical records were free access to the crew.

In the end Arkin, Bom, and Cortan were escorted back to the transporter pad by Commander Shelar, the Andorian first officer of the Atropos, with the orders to start all repairs and determine the cause of the Potemkin's jump through time and if it were reversible. Meanwhile Commander Prax stayed aboard the Atropos to confer with Captain Arnet as to the dealings of the universe in the twenty years they had missed.

Suddenly, as everyone was starting on their assignments, a Romulan warbird decloaked off of the Atropos's port bow. The Potemkin went instanly to red alert, however Arnet didn't even bother raising shields and, instead, simply smiled...

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