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Fire's Curse, Part 2

The Potemkin is in Klingon space, over the planet Klach D'Kel Brach. It is the last of the planets to remain free of Romulan control along the Romulan/Klingon Neutral Zone.We are there to render aide to any Klingon ships requiring it, however, we are not allowed to engage the enemy, as per a loophole in a treary. Just as the 'Tem was about to set up "triage" near the outlying part of the system, and the other Federation vessels.

A flotilla of Cardassian Vessels decloaked in the midst of the Klingon Defense Force. On top of this, it has been discovered Eli Stone has a genetic "defect" in his motor control center. How this happened and how it has remained unnoticed is a myster, one that Dr. Arnet is working on. Eli remains in control of his mind, though dark thoughts seem pervasive. His body, however, seems to be operating on a whole other system of thought.

For the first part of the sim, the bridge crew could only sit and watch the ensueing battle between the Cardassians and the Klingons. The Klingons seemed to be maintaining their own against the onslaught of Cardassian vessles, but the bad news was that more were on the way. Meanwhile, Arnet explained to Stone that his genetic defect had suddenly been activated to cut his motor control, but he had been unable to pinpoint exactly how someone was controlling the security officer's body.

Becoming disappointed with the view, the crew opted to shut off the viewscreen. Instead, a battle map was brought up so that they still could monitor the situation. They hadn't been watching the display long before a new icon appeared - Elongated gray ships heading toward the battle. After some initial investigating, it discovered that they were Son'a vessels, and they were joining the Klingons!

Warp contacting Admiral Atherton at Starfleet Command about this recent developement. The admiral restated the orders that the Federation could not interfere and risk a war with the Romulans. The crew disagreed a bit with that decision, but they went along with it. However, before the admiral could classify the Son'a as friend or foe, the communcation was jammed. At the same time, Arnet began anti-proton radiation therapy to restore Stone's motor functions. The process seemed to be working and feeling was returning to Stone's limbs.

Suddenly, the ship rocked as it was hit by numerous volleys. It soom became apparent that a cloaked shipped was firing on the Potemkin. No sooner had this been realized than a whole armada of Wotal warships decloaked. Rin, Warp's nemesis, contacted the 'Tem breathing out threatenings against the captain and the Federation in general. As a show of power, Rin ordered the destruction of the USS Amsterdam. Stone was also released from sickbay to return to his duties.

With the Wotal presence backing up the Cardassians, and the Romulans now appearing at the edge of the system, the Federation and Klingons had to retreat. In order to throw the Wotal off the trail, the 'Tem initiated a high volume plasma discharge before jumping to warp.

The ship arrived at the rendezvous point of Boreleias. Admiral Atherton contacted Warp to inform him that Klach D'Kel Brach had fallen. Even worse, the Federation was no longer allowed in Klingon space, not even to provide humanitarian aid. Things in the war continued to go from bad to worse...

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