A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Fire's Curse, Part 1

When last we left our stranded Potemkinites, they were fleeing Cardassian space as fast as their crippled ship would allow them. However, they hadn't gotten far when Serisa had revealed the true Romulan conspirator--Lt. Eli Stone. Lt. Stone then entered the bridge and demanded that Captain Mitchell surrender immedietly (TEM: "Fire's Blessing, Part II)

As the sim kicked to life, Lt. Bom and Counselor Jordan, after recieving the information from Serisa, decided on the best course of action. They summoned security teams to the bridge, risking a surprise ambush on Stone. Meanwhile, on the bridge, the crew tried to talk Eli down; they discovered that while he was fully aware of his actions, he was not in control of his own body. He asked to be taken down (non-lethatlly) so as not to endanger the crew. Lt. Hara obliged, and shot him with his phaser. The tackeld and unconscious Lt. Stone was taken down to sickbay.

In sickbay, for the first time in the few months that they had known each other, Dr. Arnet and Counselor Jordan were working together to save the life of a severely injured crewmember. To round it all off, Lt. Bom and Lt. Zurec were striving to keep Engineering all in one piece.

With that crisis averted, for the moment, Cmdr. Prax gave some more bad news--Cardassian ships were closing on them fast. Warp risked the jump to warp and set a heading to DS9. Unsure if the engines would even take them that far, Bom and Zurec engaged the warp drive...

Two days later, the patched together 'Tem, with a temporary bridge module has been sent out again, this time to Klach D'Kel Brach in order to lend medical aide to the Klingons. The crew was suspicious if the ship could handle more time out, especially with some repairs still badly needed. Bom and Zurec could only shake their heads at all the repairs they had to look forward two once the ship was in dock once again. In an uncharacteristic fashion, Arnet called Jordan to his office to thank her for her help and to apologize for the latest fight that they had had. However, he refused to answer Jordan's questions about his feelings of animosity toward her, and set straight back to work immedietly. He did however, find a way to restore Eli's motor functions to him, and make sure no one would have control of the half Romulan officer.

Up on the bridge, the 'Tem was hailed by General Br'kel of the Klingon Defense Forces. He welcomed the Potemkin to the fight and asked them to be ready for what lay ahead. They didn't have long to wait. Immedietly, Arkin's sensors began to pick up a small increase plasma levels around them. Suddenly, all the sensors shot off at once as ship after ship began decloaking around them. The viewscreen flickered to life, to reveal over 40 ships decloaking--all of them Cardassian!

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