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Fire's Blessing, Part 2

At the shocking end of part 1 of "Fire's Blessing," the crew was beamed off of the Potemkin and taken captive by Admiral Servos of the Romulan Empire. The Romulans had taken control of Cardassia and had declared war on the Klingons. Part II started roughly 36 hours later, with the crew having been kept in a holding cell the whole time. The crew distressed about the reported loss of their ship, the deaths of the colleauges, and (for Lt. Bom) the disturbing idea of a traitor in their midsts.

The crew was having little to know luck figuring out an escaped plan and tensions were begining to run high. Unexpectedly, shouts were heard close by and a Cardassian guard approached, throwing a data padd into the food slot. The padd showed a radically altered boundary--the Romulans had been able conquer vast systems in their surprise attacks. The guard was unsympathetic and rebuffed all of Capt. Mitchell's demands to talk to Servos. However, the padd (with the proper engineering) was seen as a proper escape route.

Lt. Bom and Cmdr. Arkin set to work on trying to take down the security systems via the padd, but had only gotten so far when the forcefield suddenly dropped. There appeared in the doorway several hagrid Starfleet officer, apparently all that was left of the crew of the McCoy and the Jordan (two ships destroyed in the previous sim). They had managed to escape from their cell and had found the crew of the Potemkin.

Lt. Bom saw a chance to hamper with the systems and left the cell, however, several Cardassians came running down the hall, phasers ready. Fortunately, Lt. Bom provided a distraction and Cpt. Mitchell was able to incapacitate a guard and hold him hostage. A short fire fight ensued, but did not last long, as, in another unexpected turn of events, the whole crew was transported away. The materialized in the most unexpected place--the Potemkin!

Lt. Nguyen had managed to find them and beam them aboard. The main bridge was a disaster, but the auxiliary bridge was still servicable. The company split up, with the main party heading to the bridge, another going to sickbay, and Lt. Bom heading off to confront Serisa about Servos's declaration of her guilt.

There wasn't much time as two Cardassian ships immedietly followed in pursuit of the Akira-class vessel. A fierce contest followed, with the 'Tem going head to head with the Cardassians. Although it was able to cause severe damage to its attacker, the crew knew that it had to get back into Federation territroy--fast. Meanwhile, Lt. Jordan had followed up to talk with Bom, who had seemed out of it during the whole ordeal. She found hm confronting Serisa, who denied any involvement with the sabotage. However, she did mention that there was someone else aboard the ship who could of had a hand in the initial capture of the crew.

With the battle still raging on, a shadowy figure entered the bridge with a phaser and demanded that the crew surrender and return to Cardassia. Stepping out into the light, the crew caught a glimpse of the collaborator that Serisa spoke of---Eli Stone, the half-Romulan former Potemkin security officer!

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