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Fire's Blessing, Part 1

The Potemkin was still docked at Deep Space Nine, allowing the crew a bit of rest and relaxation after their two disasterous missions on Marlow V and Archana V (TEM: "The Horror," "Home Soil"). However, the shore leave was canceled when Colonel Kira, commanding officer of DS9, called the senior staff of the 'Tem into a meeting about a high priority communique that recently had been recieved.

The crew gathered in the conference room and was engaged in idle chatter when the Colonel entered and called the meeting to order. She proceeded quickly, showing an anouncement that the new Romulan Praetor, Keicero, had recently broadcasted. He proclaimed the total abolishment of the Neutral Zone and full diplomatic relationship with the Federation. The crew was stunned by the news, but they didn't have long to ponder, as almost immedietly afterward a Romulan Warbird decloaked out side of DS9 requesting permission to board.

Meanwhile the Potemkin was sent out to patrol the Tzenkethi border. Six hours passed by and life was begining to seem normal again. The crew engaged in all sorts of speculation about the new situation with the Romulan. But one thing was clear--no on knew what to suspect. There were outrages against Romulan and half-Romulans throughout the Federation (and even on the 'Tem), doubts about the possibility of peace, and some idle talk about if humanity was ready for it.

All these points were cut short as Captain Mitchell received an emergency message from Admiral Ross. Apparnetly the USS Jordan, the diplomatic ship to Cardassia had been destroyed. The 'Tem was the closest ship was sent in to investigate. The ship went to warp and set out for Cardassian space immedietly.

Upon arrival, a good deal of debris was discovered, quite possibly from the Jordan. However, the investigation had barely begun when a small satellite exploded off the 'Tem's aft. The explosion rocked the ship. Fearing the worse, Warp put the ship to red alert. Another ship, a medical ship called the USS McCoy appeared out of warp, offering assistant to the damaged Potemkin. The McCoy had hardly begun to offer help, when a satellite exploded off its hull. Suddenly, the entire Miranda-class ship was destroyed!

An engineering team and LtCmdr. Arnet were summoned to the bridge in order to evaluate the situation. Once escaped pod, empty, was all that was left intact of the McCoy. Things only went from bad to worse as systems all over the 'Tem began to shut down, and terminals began to short circuit. Unexpectedly, the whole back wall to the bridge exploded, sending the crew diving for cover. As the explosions continued, Warp ordered the evacuation of the bridge. He had scarcely done so when a transporter effect was initiated and the entired crew was blinded by a flash of light!

They found themselves in the main city of Cardassia prime, in a large chamber. A strange seated figure, the back of his chair toward them. The ominous voice announced the destruction of the Potemkin and that the crew are now prisoners of war. Slowly he turned in his chair (Baltar from Battlestar Galatica anyone?), only to reveal that the new chancelor of Cardassia was...Admiral Servos of Romulus!

Servos, who had negotiated peace with the Potemkin only a few months back, now declared them prisoners of war and that Romulus had declared war on the Klingons. Sadisticly he told them that they could be released after the war with the Klingons were over. The crew were to either submit or die. Four Cardassian guards were called in, and Servos's conditions were stated again. With the crew still defiant he issued his statement one last time: NOW SUBMIT! OR DIE!

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