A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The crew finds itself at DS9 with a bit of time on their hands. Warp and Prax were off on attending business, leaving the rest of the crew to their own devices. Arkin decided to leave the ship in the capable hands of Lt. Radcliff and headed toward the Promenade. The rest of crew had gathered for a little R & R in Quark's bar.

Bom invited Arnet to play a game of darts. As they played, they both began to open up about their past histories. Bom discussed his childhood on Utopia Planetia and how he identified with his own culture. Arnet shared his own insights and also his lousy dart playing skills.

Hara, Xan, and Arkin all filtered into the bar when it was announced that the Potemkin was going to undergo some deep decontaminating and all crew members were to evacuate for the next few hours. Arkin found her way over to the dart game and began talking about her life with Prax, and about her own childhood. She revealed the history of the Arkia, and the 11 other children rescued with her.

After some time spent reminiscing and commiserating, the crew decided to go their seperate ways until it was safe to board the 'Tem again. Right before they left however, Arnet threw one last dart - hitting dead bullseye.

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