A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Echoes, Part 2

Last sim ended with the discovery of a carbon copy of Cmdr. Prax on the developing world of Ri'eje. Dr. Arnet transported back to the Potemkin to run as many tests as possible and find some clues as to how he had come to be there. After the discovery, Lt. Reichiel and Lt. Stone were recalled from their meeting with Hi'lam and told to meet up with Jordan, Arkin, and Bom.

As the sim opened, the away team found itself outside of the large cavern, this time more equipped to ventured further down in the underground bunker. After some initial trepidation, the group proceeded downward. After passing where they were ambushed before, they noticed how the light dimmed and then artifiicial light began kicking in. Unexpectedly, a man appeared in the shadows, greeting them. They learned that his name was Mi'sel, and this was his home. After a few uneasy moments, he stepped into the light--revealing himself to be a full blooded Klingon!

On ship, Arnet was sharing his findings with Prax and Warp when a hail came in from the surface. Hi'lam had detected the power surge from the transporter and was demaning an explination. Warp then counter demanded an explination for the unusual races spotted on the surface and the clone of Prax in sickbay. Seemingly horrified that the 'Tem had found out about those, Hi'lam agreed to meet with the crew to discuss the situation.

Meanwhile, the away team (led by Mi'sel) arrived at a full underground city, teeming with inhabitants. They were all from different Alpha/Beta Quadrant races, and all of them claimed to be Ri'al. Lt. Bom quickly found the Bolians, while Jordan worked up a conversation with a Cardassian shop owner. Arkin was given a tour by Mi'sel, but the questions still remained unanswered.

Warp, Prax, Arnet, and Hara beamed down to the cavern enterance where they were met by Hi'lam who also led them down into the underground city. However, he is insistant that all who live down here are Ri'al, and belong on Ri'eje.

Finally the time for answer came. Hi'lam explained that the Ri'al once lived far away on a planet called "Ri." Then one day strangers came--half mechanical humanoids who began taking over the world. His description left no room of doubt for anyone. Ri had been assimilated by the Borg.

They had fled at warp 1 and lived for many years on their ships before coming to Ri'eje. However, they soon encounter the Borg again. This time, however, they were practically ignored. Being a medically advanced race, they decided to have their revenge in the only way they saw fit; they took DNA samples of all the drones they came across and cloned them so at least something would survive and have a productive life.

At this news, the crew erupted into a series of opinions. Cmdr. Prax was the most vocal in his denouncement of the Ri'al's practice. Hi'lam defended their position, because as far as the Ri'al knew, deassimilating a Borg was impossible. However, a general consesus ran that the cloning should stop immedietly.

No real verdict was reached at the end. Warp promised to return "So'li" (the other Prax) and that he would send a recommendation to the Federation Council. In the meantime, Hi'lam had to ask his government for their official position. The crew then departed, being left to think about yet another shade of grey that existed beyond the reaches of the Federation...

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