A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Echoes, Part 1

After the strenous past few weeks (TEM: "Fire's Curse," "Sculpted Chrome") the Potemkin has been sent on a relatively peaceful mission. The ship has been rerouted to the planet Ri'eje, home of the timid humanoid species that calls itself the Ri'al. The Ri'al are a technological inferior race with limited warp capability. They are open to exchanges with the Federation where they would receive technology in return for a surprisingly vast knowledge in the fields of medicine and science. However, rumors from other Federation ships that have traveled to Ri'eje say that Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, and Klingons also have made contact. As the sim opens, the crew had been on Ri'eje for a day; the conditions are paradaisical. So far the rumors appear to be just myths...

Cmdr. Prax, Lt. Bom, Lt. Stone, and Lt. Reichiel were all assigned to assess the technological level of the Ri'al and what the Federation could offer them. They were greeted by Hi'lam from the Ri'alan Council. He was assigned to meet with them to discuss what the Federation could offer them. They decided to retire to a private chamber to converse, although the away team had trouble keeping up with him. However, Lt. Bom suddenly spotted a blue face in the crowd, and for a split second, he could have sworn he saw another Bolian. He seperated from the group to look into it.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Arkin, Dr. Arnet, and Counselor Jordan, were studying the medical aspect and were quite impressed with what they saw. It didn't last long, however, because Arkin's observant eyes also caught something strange. What looked like a Klingon, heading off into the back alleys. She took off after him, and Arnet and Jordan followed a moment later.

Bom's and Arkin's paths crossed, but the people they were following had disappeared in the maze of streets. Following the most likely course, they came upon of group of Ri'al playing some strange native game. The Ri'al accidenly let slip that they had met other Bolians, expounding on the away team's suspicion.

The meeting with Hi'lam is proceeding smooth enough, and any attempts to bait the representative only furthered the Ri'al claim to being a timid people new to space travel. He genuinely seems ignorant of some of the Federation's most basic technology and of other races out in the galaxy. He expresses that they ships they send out are not armed in anyway. However, those in the meeting can't help but think that their is something nervous in Hi'lam's demeanor.

The rest of the away team soon found something else strange-a lone guard dressed in black (his face obscured by a helmet) patrolling an apparent mountainside. Scans reveal some sort of dampening field in place. Bom moved around to sneek up behind the guard and disable the field while the others tried to talk with him. However, Bom accidently triggered a release button and the mountain side opened up to reveal a massive cavern underneath. The team was forced to incapacitate the guard, who was more than agitated at their discovery.

Adventuring into the mountainside, the away team found the cavern to be man made and enormous. Before they could climb deeper, however, an armed squandrom (all dressed like the guard) appear out of nowhere and begin firing...quickly pinning the team down. Their only hope is to retreat back the way they came. Unexpectedly, one of the guards appeared nearly behind the team, but is quickly incapcitated. Dr. Arnet scanned him, and suddenly proclaimed that they had to leave the cavern, and take the injured man with them.

Once back on the surface, he refused to give any details, but stated that he had to meet with Capt. Mitchell and Prax on the Potemkin immedietly. He was immedietly beamed up with his "companion" while Jordan and Bom could only roll their eyes and guess what he was up to...

Prax transported from the talks to the ship, and met with Arnet and Warp in sickbay. Arnet revealed that the man in the black helmet was actually Bajoran. Still worse though, he removed the man's helmet to reveal that the mysterious guard was actually a complete copy of Prax!

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