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Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling, Part 2

Without further ado, the Trai'Dar handed complete control of their fleet over to Captain Mitchell in their fight against the Borg. Of course, the mutual enemy unceremoniously began to attack the fleet. With only his skills in improvisation to help him, Warp adopted the technique used hundreds of years earlier during an important naval battle. With quick reflexes at the helm by Lt. Reichiel and the weapons support of Lt. Stone, the Potemkin manages to avoid certain destruction. However, most of the Trai'Dar ships were not so lucky.

In response to the news about Samwise, Commander Prax rushed to his quarters to find that his dog had somehow broken open the last remaining sample of the nanoprobes that Arnet had left behind when he had left the ship (TEM: "Insanity, Part II," Prax, Personal Log SD: 10208.22). When he reached sickbay, he found Jordan trying to deal with the assimilated officer, Samwise, and irrational Dr. Arnet. Suddenly, the eccentric doctor claimed that he had an answer to something and took a sample of Samwise's blood...more specifically, the nanoprobes in it.

The battle was not going well. Shields were dropping and Borg were begining to beam into the ship. The crew was forced to evacuate the bridge, and once again (as seemed to have become habit by now) the bridge module was ejected into space. FstLt. Bom barely made it down to engineering in one piece, and there he was forced to deal with even more mechanical monsters trying to invade the ship. Luckily, he was also able to restore the 'Tem's shields and reroute power to where it was needed for the time being.

In sickbay, three drones entered, but in a strange twist of fate, Arnet was able to inject them with something that he synthesized. Unfortunately, he also turned on the assimilated crewman, and it was only Jordan's fast thinking (and sedating the doctor) that kept him from dying. When Arnet recovered, he appeared in the right state of mind and all...but lacking memory of the current events. Jordan immedietly notified the command crew that she was removing him from duty.

Warp's command seemed to be working as wave after wave of Trai'Dar ships began to pound through the Borg lines. In a unusual move, the Borg retreated to Traigar, and formed a diamond formation around the planet. Without hesitation they fired directly on the Uplink Array, destroying it and the 'Tem's only chance home. With equal malice, the cubes regroup and let out a lethal barrage on Traigar. It wasn't long before the whole planet was gone.

Damaged, and with the Borg ships still out there, a risky plan was concocted (and debated over heavily). The 'Tem would completely shut down her systems and let out an electromagnetic pulse, with the goal of disrupting every mechanical Borg part out there. Still doubting that it will work, Bom essentially "turned off" the 'Tem, and fired an EMP. When power did come back on, the Borg cubes had all been disabled. However, celebration couldn't last long. The Potemkin was still trapped in another galaxy with no way home....

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Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling 2005 Season
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