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Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling

The Potemkin has been diverted from its mission to Bimmel after receiving a distress call from the recently admitted Federation world of Ventress. However, upon arriving at the Ventress system, a mass debris field surrounding the entire system. Using a tractor beam, the ship was able to pass through the debris until finally in range of Ventress itself. There a number of small craft were detected with low energy signatures. Every single one seemed to be putting out a hail...the exact same hail in fact. Putting it in on speakers, the crew was horrified to hear: "We are the Borg. Lower your shields and power down your weapons. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."

After hearing that, Dr. Arnet requested to leave the bridge with the permission of Captain Mitchell, who asked Counselor Jordan to accompany him to sickbay. After they had left, further scans of the fields show a damaged Borg cube with a silver ship lodged into its interior. Further inspection confirmed the worst fears of the crew. The silver ship was Trai'Dar.

Almost instantly afterward, a loud whining noise that almost sounded like the words "You will die" began running through the heads of every crew member, along with images of destruction and violence. Luckily, Cmdr Arkin was able to modulate the shields with designs from the last encounter with the Trai'Dar. Not wanting to take any chances, Captain Mitchell ordered Lt. Hara to make sure the debris field did not hinder communications in any way and for Lt. Stone to prepare a sensor buoy and communications with Starfleet Command. Hara did not respond to Mitchell's orders and was relieved of duty, but Stone was able to get off the log buoy.

Down in sickbay, Jordan did her best to calm the increasingly agitated and fearful Arnet (include the use of drugs). However, the situation only went from bad to worse when ship wide power fluctuated for .004 seconds, and the two Trai'Dar (partially assimilated and dying) appeared on the bridge. Telepathically they related how their Array had coincidentally been established at the end of a trans warp hub, exposing the Borg to their existence. In a rare move, they asked for the Potemkin's help. The Federation had experience fighting the Borg, and the Trai'Dar did not. Great amounts of their ships had been destroyed and they needed assistance. However, they were not willing to take no, maybe, or "let us get reinforcements" for an answer. They were able to remotely activate the both the 'Tem and the Array, and pulled the ship right into it!

In sickbay, an petty officer stumbled in, showing signs of assimilation. Jordan rushed to his assistance, while the addled Arnet could only stammer out small phrases of help. Nothing they tried seemed effective and Jordan was forced to put the man in stasis. In another unusual turn of events, Prax's dog--Samwise--wondered into sickbay. However, the canine had also been partially assimilated! He bounded up to familiar Dr. Arnet, almost as if nothing were wrong...

As the ship was spat out of the Array, a gruesome sight was on the screen. Traigar, the Trai'Dar home world, was completely surround by Cubes and Spheres. There ships were being destroyed and it was only a matter of time before the Borg won. The Trai'Dar on the Potemkin made a startling announcement; there was a fleet of over 70 Trai'Dar vessels approaching the system to attack the Borg, and they expected Captain Mitchell to lead them!

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Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling, Part 2 2005 Season
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