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Death's Culture, Part 2

The sim started off after the crews ejection from the world of Kovat, after delivering the sad news that due to the Kuvanahru government's use of the death penalty. The Kuvanahru leader, Kurin, had commanded the Potemkin's crew to leave the planet immedielty. So as we started, the crew found itself in the transporter room, glad to be back onboard.

Captain Mitchell headed with the bridge crew up to deck one to lay in a course for the next assignment. FstLt Arnet and Lt Cortan headed off to sickbay, with Arnet reminded Cortan of the "No Chasing Nurses" rule. Lt. Bom headed down to engineering to make sure his department was running smoothly.

On the bridge, the crew was stunned to recieve a transmission from Kurin who now appeared a bit more calm. He asked Captain Mitchell to send a formal protest and appeal to the Federation council. He argued that the denial of Kovat into the Federation was descrimination. The death penalty had always been a fundemental part of their legal code. Warp promised to help their appeal in any way possible.

Lt. Bom, on the other hand, had the ordinary challenges of a department head. Lt. Vaber had made some "modifications" to the holodeck, with involved burning out the grid in order to over ride the safety controls. While he promised that no official marks would be put on the record, Vaber was assigned to repair the holodecks extensively. With that challenge over, Bom could now relax and...ponder.

Up on deck 4, the silence in sickbay was broken by the ever infamous Lt. MetallicA hobbled into sickbay, complaining about his knew. It seemed that he had missed a rung in engineering and had fallen down about 2 meters. He was quickly diagnoses with a torn meniscus. Working in tandum, Arnet ordered anesthesia for the knee, while he collected various tools for repairing the damaged tissue. Despite MetallicA's nervous looks, the operation carried on. Cortan numbed the knee and Arnet went in with the laser scapel to begin the procedure. However, soon Arnet's knowledge began to fail him, and he faltered. He hesitated, as if paralyzed....

Still uneasy about the whole situation on Kovat, Captain Mitchell decided to contact the Federation about the situation. Before leaving for his ready room, he asked Ens. Xan and Cmdr. Arkin to take a look into Kovat's unique history. He contacted Admirial Atherton who, after hearing the protest, only shrugged and said that the decision stood. Unable to leave it at that, Warp asked for the protest to be sent directly to the Federation council, which was in session, so that another decision could be reached. Atherton agreed to the terms and said he would contact the Potemkin again once a decision had been rendered. Now with some time on his hands, Warp went out to see what Arkin and Xan had dug up...

Bom, (obviously with TOO much time on his hands!) found his first available coworker, Ensign Duran, and began to rant about the relativistic affects of faster than light travel on most species. After proving his point, he also went into how coincidences were calculable and how he could quantify and "prove" miracles. The advanced implications were too much for poor Duran who could only shake his head in disbelief. Bom, however, seemed quite confident in his theories.

Back in sickbay Cortan skillfully took over for the dazed Arnet and finished up with Lt. MetallicA. When the patient was released, he immedietly turned to his supervisor and asked for an explination. Inviting Cortan into his office, Arnet could only say that for a split second all his training had failed him. He couldn't remember the procedure. The only other time that it had happened had been at the death of Matami. Cortan consoled his new department head about the guilt he was feeling and guaranteed him that everything would turn out for the best. Dr. Arnet thanked him for his words and congradulated him on a job well done. However, he asked that Cortan not talk about what had happened. The two men reached an understanding and went about their work.

Xan and Arkin had dug up some information stating that Kovat had once been part of the Klingon Empire, but the Klingons had abandoned the planet after tensions with the Federation had risen. It was probable that some of the more harsh traditions of Kovat had come from their time under Klingon rule. The two officers were able to figure out that "Kuvanah" is actually a corruption of the Klingon "qu'vaH nov" which literally meant "dishonored people." However, discussion was cut short by Admiral Atherton hailing again, informing Warp that a decision had been reached. The Federation Council had decided to over turn their previous verdict. Kovat was now welcome in the United Federation of Planets.

Warp immedietly contacted Kurin, who seemed grateful at the reversal of fortune. With all the formalities over with, the Potemkin could move on to its mission of exploration. Xan and Arkin voluntarily decided to finish studying the Kuvanah culture, Arnet and Cortan began an inventory in sickbay, Bom made sure the engines were just fine in Engineering, and Warp and Prax gave the order to head off into space once again....

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