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Death's Culture, Part 1

The Potemkin has been sent to the planet Korvat on a difficult political assignment: informing the government that they may not join the Federation. The details of the rejection are unknown to the crew as they arrive; the "why" of the matter may become a major sticking point. Unfortunately, all they can do is say, "we're sorry." Tensions are high.

As the sim opened, the Potemkin arrived in orbit, with Warp not sure exactly how to carry out this particular mission. After a moment's hesistation he contacted the surface to deliver the bad news. His hail was answered by Kurin, the Kuvanahru Council leader. Kurin demanded an answer to the Korvat petition to join the Federation, but Warp asked to bring a team to the surface in order to deliver the decision. His request was granted and coordinates were sent up for the beam down.

Meanwhile, down in sickbay, a rather nervous and stiff Cortan approached Dr. Arnet about his transfer. Though a bit puzzled about the transfer, Arnet welcomed him to medical but laid down some ground rules - such as no chasing nurses. About this time, they were called to join the away team to Korvat.

Warp, Prax, Arkin, Bom, Cortan, and Arnet were beamed down to the surface - a rocky world with a red sky. They were greeted by Kurin, who was dressed in a military outfit with a ceremonial sword at his belt. After a few pleasantries, he led the crew toward the Council chambers to deliver the verdict. The chambers were small, lit with skylight adorned with gold and red metal. The council sat behind a curved black obsidian table and motioned for the crew to take the remaining seats.

Just as formal proceedings were about to begin, the on duty Ops officer contact Warp to inform him of a communique recently received from Earth. Prax was sent out of the chamber to receive the communique and report back. In the mean time, Warp stepped forward and did his best to stall until a definite answer could be given. However, Kurin was not interested in diplomatic small talk and demanded an answer. Having no other option, Warp was forced to reply that they would not be admitted to the Federation.

Kurin and the council became upset at this announcement and demanded an explination as to why. Even though he had nothing to add, Warp tried to explain. He was cut off repeatedly by Kurin who pointed out that there was no reason why Korvat could not be admitted. When Warp finally admitted that he had not been told the exact reasons why, Kurin became enraged and shouted that this was totally unexceptable.

At this point, Prax reentered and passed a padd off to Warp. The council demanded an answer and stated that the crew would not leave until one was provided. They were given a rude shock when Warp announced that the Federation had turned down there application because Korvat still supported capital punishment; the death penalty would not let them be admitted.

Kurin became furious about this answer. After some protesting, he finally ordered the crew out. They were commanded to leave orbit and not come back. Disappointed and disheartened, the crew was beamed back aboard the 'Tem...

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