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Dangerous Blood

It has now been two weeks since the battle over Qo'noS. The Potemkin has now mostly recovered from its part in the skirmish and is being reassigned with the USS Thunderchild and the USS Tetsuo to return to the border and monitor current Klingon/Romulan tensions.

As the crew prepared to get underway, a goodbye was taking place down in airlock as Lt. O'Donnell bid farewell to Dr. Arnet and Lt. Kelson to start her new life on the USS Canaday. Then engineers fired up the engines (all the while talking like a pirate for reasons passing understanding...) and the ship was finally off.

But one steady lesson learned from the 'Tem is no mission stays ordinary for very long. The ship had no sooner "set sail" then a distress call reached the communications console. A garbled message came in from the Y'breQ, a Klingon vessel that had been badly damaged. Life support would be failing shortly and they had no engines.

Instantly the ship was thrown into action, flying at maximum warp to held the Klingon cruiser. Upon arriving, it was immediately apparent that time was short. An away team was sent in to the damage engine room to rescue any survivors and transport them back to the Potemkin. Unfortunately, air was thin and engineering only held an eight minute supply. The team managed to rescue the trapped Klingons and make it to another apartment just in time to avoid asphyxiation. They managed to reach the bridge where they found the badly wounded Klingon commander.

Meanwhile, the 'Tem was using its shields to strengthen hull intregity on the Y'breQ. Unexpectedly, a Romulan warbird, D'Deridex-class, uncloaked close by and began to open fire on both vessels. The first round of the volleys hit both ships hard, and knocked out transporters--stranding the away team on a ship slowly coming apart at the seams.

With both his tactical officers on the Y'breQ, Captain Mitchell had Jordan take tactical...basically firing at the warbird enough to make it back off while the away team scrambled for a way to get home. Lt. Bom then suggested that with the right push from the tractor beam the Klingon ship could implode and take the warbird with it. However, the away team still needed to be evacuated. That problem was semi-solved when Ltjg. Fuller was able to store semi-functionality to the Klingon's transporters. It required only one beam out at a time, but it was the best that they would get.

After a few tense moments the away team made it safely aboard again, and Warp had Bom send the Y'breQ flying toward it's target while ordering the helm to take them away from the scene. The implosion hit the warbird's shield at full force and its wings are snapped off. The ship is left burning in space...

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