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Bird of Paradise, Part 2

The sim began a few moments after the last week's left off. In Romulan space, and meeting with the new Praetor, the crew was privy to startling information. The Neutral Zone was to be abolished and peaceful relations were to be established with the Romulan Star Empire. However, the negotiations were crashed by a lone Klingon battlecruiser under the command of General Loqtor. They were most upset about not being invited to the negotiations and had trained their disruptors on the Romulan vessel. The crew, plus Serisa, had transfered back to the 'Tem and were awaiting for the outcome.

The mood was tense as the crew waited on the moves of their two "allies." They could only speculate the outcome of the confrontation, and most of the speculations showed that one crew or the other would be destroyed. The ship was put on standby, ready for any contingency. The Klingons and the Romulans were just floating there. Neither talking nor fighting. At the same time, Lt. Bom was down in engineering renewing his relationship with the beautiful Romulan engineer Serisa, who had been on the Romulan warbird with the new Praetor.

Suddenly, Cmdr. Arkin detected subspace communications between the two ships. However, the chatter died as soon as it had begun. The result was painfully obvious; the Klingons fired on the Romuan ship. Of course the Romulans fired in retaliation. Captain Mitchell instantly ordered the ship into red alert and ordered that a course be set for the Federation, in case things turned really bad. To the surprise of all present, Commander Prax ordered that Warp's command be belayed and that the helmsman should set a new course--directly between the two firing ships. Apparently his plan was to go directly in between and damage the weapon systems on both. Warp relunctantly agreed to the plan.

Prax's gambit paid off, the Potemkin was able to disable the two ships and set up a situation for talks. Using his regular negotiation skills, Warp invited both sides onto the 'Tem itself for the peace process. Both sides agreed, but they weren't especially enthused with the set up.

The ship was a hive of activity as Lt. Hawk was prepping his security teams, Prax began the neccesary arrangements in the observation lounge (Ltjg Xan was later called in to help him), and Arkin decided to have a serious conversation with Prax about his self comportment of late.

Finally the delegates were prepared to beam over for the negotiations. Leaving the bridge to Dr. Arnet, Warp proceeded to the transporter room to meet with the two opposing delegations. It would be anyone's guess how the negotiations would turn out.

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