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Bird of Paradise, Part 1

More than a month has passed since the various Potemkin crewmembers had returned to their reality, along with the planet Neria. After that eventful mission the crew has been doing some rather routine studies in the Beta Quandrant. However, two days prior, the Federation was asked to send one ship across the Neutral Zone to Romulus in order to meet with the new Praetor and discuss an important topic for the future. Because of the Potemkin's close ties with high ranking Romulan officers, it was chosen for this mission.

As the sim began, the ship had just crossed into the Neutral Zone on course to Romulus. The crew were all at their normal posts, mostly on the bridge, in sickbay, or engineering. The subject of talk seemed to be the same regardless of the location: Romulans. Different feelings were expressd by the crew, however the a general feeling of uneasiness was prevalent. After several uneasy moments of slipping quietly through the Neutral Zone, a Valdore-class Warbird decloaked nearby and hailed.

On board was the new Praetor, Keicero, Fleet Chief of Staff Donatra, Admiral Servos, and Commander Rokan. Captain Mitchell was told to assemble a party and beam over to the warbird, where the negotiations would begin. After some misgivings about meeting aboard the vessel instead of on Romulus proper, the crew assembled in the transporter room. They were beamed over in two parties, and the were escorted to the diplomatic suite to meet with Praetor Keicero.

Upon entry, they found the Praetor, Donatra, Adm. Servos, Cmdr. Rokan, and one unexpected guest--Serisa, the Romulan engineer from the Starcore that they had met several months ago. (TEM: "In the Line of Duty"). Yet the surprises were not over. Before anyone had time to even sit down, Keicero had Captain Riker, of the USS Titan also step into the room. Apparently Cpt. Riker had come into the Praetor's confidence also, and he was there to also witness the delegations.

The Praetor was brief and to the point. He had several objectives, and all of them startling: The complete abolishment of the Neutral Zone, free trade between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, and full diplomatic relations. Of course, none of the crew could really believe their ears, and several questions (and doubts) were raised through out the proceedings. Praetor Keicero assured the crew of his motives and what he intended.

Just when things seemed their brightest, bad news struck. A Klingon vessel had somehow found out about this meeting and had crossed the border, destroying a Romulan ship on the way. Just as the crew was about to jump to action, a Klingon battlecruiser decloaked nearby.

The sim ended on that dramatic note.

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