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Balance of Power, Part 2

Once again the 'Tem has been sent out from Starbase 21 after initial repairs were made from the battle damage take just a few days before (TEM: Balance of Power, Part I). The assigment was once again "scientific exploration" along the Klingon/Romulan border.

The task started off fairly routine. Arkin and Andronicus were given the task of improving sensor reading, the engineers met to meet each other (and discuss the dating scene), and Arnet and Prax met together to go over casualty figures from the battle.

However Admiral Sorin contacted the 'Tem soon after departure to give radical new orders. The Federation Council had taken a stand on the Romulan incursion into Federation territory and had change the "neutral zone" into a the "de-militarized zone," and the Potemkin was being sent to patrol it.

Andronicus and Arkin, with a bit of help from Amad (say that 3 times fast!), began to implement the new sensor upgrades, while discussing with Warp the pro's and con's to their approach. Hopefully it would give them an added edge upon arriving at the neutral zone. About this time Arnet realized that maybe Prax wasn't quite the same after all since their encounter with Gene and Prax's "re-imagining" (TEM: Crisis in Infinite Praxes). And the engineers began to repair the last remaining battle damage and discuss what the latest events meant--and almost mysteriously finding long lost bottle of "Blue Stuff!"

The first readings to come in indicate something unusual; the first system has several planets the can be plainly read, but two are obscured by some sort of dampening field. It almost appears like transmissions being sent that are being covered up with "white noise," but the signal is most definitely Romulan. Instantly Prax and Warp agreed on an away mission, but they would have to take a shuttle and whatever was interferring with communications would also block transporters.

Prax gathered Andronicus, Tora, Xan, and Lt. MacCoroy (Warp had Dr. Arnet stay on board on this one) to shuttle down to the service. Regarding the conversation he had with the commnader earlier, Warp called Arnet into his ready room to discuss what exactly to do about Prax.

Then things went south. On the way down, the shuttle hit some turbulence and suddenly lost power. Something has caused a leak in the port nacelle, and the shuttle was going down fast. It crashed into a hill and rolled several times before coming to a halt. A good deal of the crew was hurt, including Prax and MacCoroy, but luckily they had managed to send off a distress signal.

Of course now Warp had a problem. His crew stuck on an apparently hostile world, with no way to tranport them out, and no way to communicate to them...

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