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Balance of Power, Part 1

After the unusual (and not rightly understood/remembered) incident involving Cmdr. Prax, the Potemkin has been sent off toward the Romulan/Klingon border. The exact reason has been stated as "scientific exploration," but some of the crew have their doubts.

The 'Tem traveled on smooth enough along, with the crew trading their vague recollections about what happened with Cmdr. Prax, and the welcoming of two new Ensigns who had recently joined the crew. An ominous mood was over the group, as the exact reason for a scientific experiment out by the Romulan/Klingon border were hazy at best.

The long range sensors suddenly detected a ship traveling at high warp, without a transponder active. The ship hailed, and a rather gruff Klingon appeared, stating that the 'Tem was in the middle of a war zone and had to pull out immediately or fight. Despite attempts by Captain Mitchell to draw out more information, there was nothing more that the ship gathered.

The crew didn't have much time to react before a whole fleet of Klingon ships decloaked. Several moments afterward another large fleet began to decloak...Romulans! Suddenly the Potemkin is thrown out of warp before nearly colliding with yet another cloaked Romulan ship. It is soon apparent that this place IS a war zone, and that neither side intended to back down just because it was in Federation space.

The battle started, and the 'Tem was powerless to stop it. All communications with Starfleet were being jammed, and every time the ship tried to fly off into safety, another ship would fly in block the exit path. Eventually the Klingons and the Romulans both "accidently" fired on the Potemkin during the battle. More reinforcements arrived, meaning great carnage and more pot shots bouncing off the 'Tem's shields.

The battle became intense as debris and disrupters were flying all around. Only some good piloting from Reichiel kept the ship from being torn apart by the various obstables that were strewn in the path. Through it all, it seemed as if both parties wanted to keep the Potemkin boxed in for some reason...

Tired of the trap, Warp ordered force to be used and weapons to be brought online. This action, however, elicited heavy rebuke from the Romulans. Even as the ship was able to punch a hole out of the war zone (and narrowly escape a Klingon ship that moved to block the escape), one warbird gave pursuit. However, outside of the battle communication was free and a message was sent to Starfleet. After a few snide comments, the attacking Romulan warbird veered off back toward the battle.

Damage assessment set in, and almost immediately Ensigns Arany and Tora, the two newest engineers found themselves having to replace a plasma injector that had been broken in the ship's sudden stop right before the fighitng had begun. With a great deal of damage taken, the Potemkin has no choice but turn around and once again head to Starbase 21...

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