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Accidental Promotions

It's now been a little under two weeks since the incident at Korvat and the Potemkin is now under patrol at the farthest ends of the Beta Quadrant. It's been an uneventful time and there is a feeling a restlessness among the crew. Also, the Potemkin recieved a new counselor, Ltjg. Rachel Jordan before heading out on their current assignemnt. As the sim opened, Prax, Arkin, Bom, and Jordan were at their posts at the bride. Warp had run out of excuses not to have his annual physical, and Arnet and Cortan had taken advantage of the slow pace to get the reluctant Captain down in sickbay.

The sim started off slow enough. The bridge officers were having a quiet moment to chat and joke while the ship plowed on at warp 5, running through some pockets of interstellar gas. Meanwhile Arnet was busy giving Warp his physical, which Arnet was enjoying immensly but Warp not so much, and Cortan had gone off to experiment in one of sickbay's labs. Everything was smooth sailing until the ship began to shudder a bit, the inertial dampers not absorbing the shock like that usually should.

The crew tried to carry on, but the shudders became more frequent and more potent. Suddenly, the ship bucks wildly, sending the crew to the floor while primary lighting fails throught the ship. The crew springs to action, the bridge crew trying to identify the problem, and the officers in sickbay making sure all the patients are safely strapped into their biobed. They don't have too long to wait before the vessel bucks again, this time primary power dies. No lights, klaxons, or working panels. In the darkness, Commander Prax is injured as he falls and violently collides with a few panels. Eventually emergency lights come up, but all panels are still down.

Arnet and Warp immedietly decide to head to the bridge in order to check on conditions there, while Cortan takes care of sickbay. However the power to the doors are cut, and communcations are down. For the moment they are trapped in sickbay. On the bridge Bom and Arkin rush to find the cause of the power drain, but neither can pinpoint a cause. Counselor Jordan has a strange encounter with a mute Lieutenant from Life Sciences who mysteriously heals her. Arkin, every resourceful, finds a small back up generator that she keeps on the bridge and plugged it into her console. The console powers up, but will not allow the officers to access any systems. The young lieutenant tries to communicate with Counselor Jordan by sign language; he is a Minarian Empath. Since the universal translator is down, he is mute.

Warp managed to open the door in sickbay, and Arnet and he slipped out into the corridor. They quickly decided that life support was still going; an encouraging thought. However the turbolifts were down, so Warp decides that the fastest way up would be Jeffries tube D-15, which leads straight up to the bridge. They enter the juncture only to discover that the emergency hatches have been sealed. They are still stuck on deck 4. Back on the bridge Arkin tries boosting the power in her console by draining two phasers. Jordan and Mike move to help Prax a bit, who is still unconscious and bleeding. Jordan is drafted to head a mission to get to sickbay, but then Lt. Norrin begins trying to communicate again. This time he is able to convey that right before the accident the matter recycling process had been interrupted; most of the ships air and water was caught in the system and inaccesible. It will have to be repaired. Norrin believes he can do it and begins gathering supplies for the task.

Unable to open the sealed hatch, Warp and Arnet are forced to double back to sickbay in hopes of finding a tool capable of cutting through the sealed hatch. Cortan had stached away some engineering tools in sickbay, and he happened to have a plasma torch stored away. Drafting Cortan into helping, the three of them headed once again to the Jeffries tube. Counselor Jordan's expedition to sickbay is cut short by the same series of hatches that are blocking Warp, Arnet, and Cortan. Alternate routes fail as well and she is forced to return to the bridge. Norrin and Arkin tried an alternative route, heading straight down the turbolift tube. Norrin motions that they must make it to deck 7 in order to repair the damage. However, they too hit a sealed hatch as they descend towards deck 2. Also admitting defeat, they head up towards deck 1. A sudden idea comes to Norrin and he tries to make it know to Arkin by tracing with his fingers the graph of the sine of x. It will take some time before anyone can figure out what the empath is thinking.

Down in the Jeffries tube, Warp has begun his cutting of the sealed hatches, and the conversation naturally turns to lighter matter; a good amount of small talk. When Arnet mentions that Andrea and he were going to run a special program made by Yeoman Kelson, formally of the Potemkin, Warp accidently slices through a rung. Cortan offers to take the torch and continue the cutting. Up top Norrin desperate tries to explain his idea, making motions for the sine of X, waves, and carrying objects. It is Counselor Jordan who finally figures out that he wants them to send out a carrier wave to communicate with the rest of the ship. Bom immedietly set out to work building a small radio like device from a tricorder, combadges, and some hair pins to work as the antennae.

The makeshift radio works, and communicators throughout the ship spring to life. Engineering repsonds that they are currently working on restoring all power and they should be ready to go sometime soon, all they lack are the proper command codes. Arkin sends them hers and the ship springs to life. Warp also is able to overide the emergency bulkhead commands, and the hatches all unseal.

Everyone is soon gathered onto the bridge. Cortan and Arnet immediately rush to Prax's aid. Warp has all the officers try to understand what has happened with the ship. As the sim closed, the two medical officers beamed to sickbay with their patient, and the bridge crew leaped into action, restoring the vessel working order...

Special Guest Star (and new resident) for "Accidental Promotions:" Stacey Templar as Counselor Rachel Jordan

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