A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

A Moment's Respite

After arriving once again in their own galaxy thanks to the work of Hyperion (TEM: "Titan, Today"), the crew set a course back to Federation space and sector 001. This time was a bit of a slower pace compared to recent adventures.

The Gamma Shift was on duty. Many senior officers were off duty, involved in personal affairs. Commander Arkin had the bridge along with First Lieutenant Stone to keep her company. Captain Mitchell met with Dr. Arnet about an urgent personal matter. Bom took time to spend an evening together with Serisa in the October Lounge. Also, two Ensigns, Granger and Potter, slowly left their quarters on some sort of mission...

On the bridge, a small ship was picked up on sensors, heading toward the Potemkin on an intercept course. The hail came in as the USS Slidell, and cargo/transport ship. The Slidell reported having severe engine trouble and asked for assistance. Arkin naturally agreed, however, she noted it odd that a ship with engine trouble could travel at warp 5. Stone and Zurec both shared in her concerns...

At the same time, the Henrietta Granger and Melanie Potter were doing the unthinkable--breaking into another set of quarters. But not just anyone's quarters, they managed to open the doors to Captain Mitchell's cabin! Then, quickly (although not very quietly) they took Warp's own dog, Tasha, and made off with her. (For exact reasons why, see Logs: "By the Gods Themselves" and "Personal Log [9/1/05]).

Around the same time, Bom had now lost as two different games to Serisa and was desperately trying to save his pride. Counselor Jordan ended a nice quiet exercise by heading to the October Lounge, not knowing that Dr. Arnet had had a similar idea. Warp retired to his quarters, and the captain of the Slidell requested to come aboard to take with Arkin.

Captain Nogumo met privately with Arkin to stated his dilemma. They had not had engines trouble, but the ruse was for a reason. Unknowingly he had picked up a known criminal at his last stop and wanted the Potemkin's help in taking care of him. After producing evidence that the man was a known thief, Arkin agreed to have Stone beam the man directly into the brig. Lt. Hara was given the assignment to interrogate the prisoner. Also during this intrigue, Warp made it to his quarters, only to find his dog strangely absent. Fortunately, sensors could accurately pin point exactly where all the beagles on the Potemkin were.

Down in the October Lounge, Serisa was still beating Bom hand over fist, and Jordan and Arnet actually were having an uneasy peace between them. However, that would not last long as Warp tracked down Tasha to Potter's quarters. There, he reclaimed his canine and the two Ensigns were quick to state that Dr. Arnet had told them to steal the dog. Confining the two to their quarters, Warp contacted Arnet asking for an explanation. What he got instead was Jordan and Arnet blaming each other and coming to see him to explain the whole situation.

Hara's interrogation of the prisoner was brief. Insults and snide comments were exchanged, tempers flared, and a phaser was fired. Adding another layer of complexity to this day, the weapons fire alarm went off, drawing everyone's attention to the brig.

And to think, this is was all during Gamma shift....Imagine what Alpha shift is like!

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