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Where The Old Meets The New, Part 2

After the freighter Pride of Neria was damaged in an ion storm and the Potemkin rendered aid (TEM: "Where The Old Meets The New," Part 1), the two ships had been caught in a particularly vicious ion eddy and nearly destroyed. By sheer luck, they were flung out of the eddy before the final blow could be struck. The ships resumed travel warily. Meanwhile, a new and larger away team beamed aboard the freighter to render more assistance.

Spacial disturbances were not the only concern of the crews of the Potemkin and the Pride of Neria. After escaping the destructive eddy that nearly destroyed them, the Potemkin detected a ship approaching on long-range sensors at warp 5. It pulled alongside and identified itself as a vessel of the Wotal Confederation. At the same time, Jeraon, captain of the Pride of Neria, was lamenting on the Wotal to the away team. The Wotal seemed to view the Nerians as a "lower" race.

Captain Rin of the Wotal vessel immediately began demanding salvage rights on the Pride of Neria. He was refused those rights on the grounds that the ship was not abandoned. Ignoring that argument, the Wotal commander threatened force and gave an ultimatum of five minutes to turn the vessel over to him. The crew of the Potemkin did not back down, and Rin was finally forced to leave the region, frustrated. Before departing, he promised that we had not seen the end of the Wotal.

After his departure, the ships continued towards Izar, flustered, but (mostly) intact.

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