A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Where The Old Meets The New, Part 1

The Potemkin, far out near Izar, was proceeding towards her next mission when a distress signal was received from a freighter, the Pride of Neria. The freighter had taken severe damage during an ion storm and was requesting immediate assistance. The Potemkin diverted to render aid.

Upon arriving alongside the Pride of Neria, a small away team was beamed over to begin making repairs and to offer medical assistance. Wounded were beamed into the Potemkin's sickbay, engineers began to work on the damage aboard the freighter, and the Potemkin took the disabled ship in tow towards Izar.

Jeraon, Nerian captain of the freighter, expressed concern at being taken to Izar, but dropped his protest quickly. The ships moved off towards their destination, roughly following the path of the ion storm that had damaged the Pride of Neria a few hours before.

Immediately, the pair of ships began to encounter disturbances caused by the storm. Electromagnetic interference greatly increased, and the vessels began encountering eddies of ionized particles along the route. These grew in intensity and began to cause damage to the ships. Little could be done to detect them.

The crew devised several unique and innovative methods for detecting, avoiding, and minimizing the damage of the ion eddies. Unfortunately, the improvements in technique were not sufficient to prevent further damage — the ships were pulled into a massive eddy, the tractor beam was broken, and as the sim paused, both ships were in danger of structural collapse due to failure of their structural integrity field generators!

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