A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Somewhere, Somehow, Part 2

The away team now found themselves 14 years after the founding of the colony. It was deserted, like it's twenty year old counterpart. Eli found himself in a pile of wool, while Arkin awoke only a few feet from a cow carcass. Hawk and Mike stood up to find the Indy right next to them. Miller and Prax, still near the generator were covered in an oily like substance. Mr. Hawk was able to record some readinds of the time shit. Apparently the away team has been lightly irradiated by some radio active element. And at the exact moment of the time shift there was a power spike in the generator room. Arkin's team began to follow a path of wool towards a small shack near the control center, there was something inside. As they opened the door, Hawk glimpsed an alien control panel, he was about to study it when...

At this exact moment, Prax opened the door on the generator and another time shift occured, This one launching them back to the first time period they were in. Only, they were mere minutes ahead of themselves. In order to avert a time paradox in meeting one's self. Prax ordered the crew into the Control Center. Miller and Prax therorized that someone else had cause the first two time jumps (the first that aged the colony two years, and the second that brught the away team to the Foundation) and that they caused the second two. They waited to ambush this peson, only to find out it was Tabitha Mitchester. She explained that when they arrived in the past, no one believed her that six people appeared from the Potemkin and then siddenly disappeared. So she tried to figure out what caused the disappearance. She discovered that the Indefatigable had carried an Eha'Jal sattelite only weeks before. The Eha'Jal used a Yeridite Battery in the sattelite, and being a highly radioactive element, had contaminated the shuttle's interior. The residue then contaminated the away team. The combination of Yeridite and Neutronic Energy causes a minor rift in subspace, however the sheer amount of energy causes a time dilation. Tabitha then went on to explain that she purchased a Yeridite battery in order to find the missing people. She activated it exactly as they Indy came into the atmosphere, transporting not only herself but the shuttle into the future. And so the Away Team debated about what to do. They sealed the control room, which prevented their future selves from entering. Hopping that the throy was right, they assumed that since they stopped that event, they changed the past so they opened the generator once more.

The Away time shifted back into the Indefatigable as it entered the atmosphere, only this time a lively colony came into view. Mr. Miller turned the shuttle about, and headed back for decon abord the Potemkin. Tabitha is not with them. A terse message was sent to her. "Ms. Tabitha Mitchester, Seal the generator access door. - The Potemkin Crew."

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